Need help programming a dual vesc

I know it’s probably easy to find the numbers to use for builds with all pro3 conversion kit parts but I am doing a slightly different setup with diagonal configuration drive motors toward the middle and 6380 instead of 6374 motors, and a 12s5p 30Q pack. I don’t have the parts yet.

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And what is your question now?

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The dual motor settings for the vesc.

are you ppm splitting or using canbus?

I think the front slave motor is going to have reversed positive and negative numbers because it is reversed direction

can bus is on my shopping list but i dont know what ppm splitting is.

It’s super easy and the same like you mount both on the back. Just swap two of the phase wires and the motor will turn the other direction. Or tick the box „invert motor settings“ while programming your front vesc

split ppm is where the vesc have there own data and and don’t connect at all, this means the motors will spin at different rates. This is apparently more relivable than canbus

Which components does that go between?

Doesn’t the vesc have sensors for both motors? I was thinking the can bus was between master and slave vesc. But I’m planning on using a dual vesc now.

No need for split ppm if you use a dual vesc. And yes there is a port for each motor sensor wires on the dual vesc.

split ppm is where you take both vesc and put them into the receiver so they use the same remote, there is 3 wires +5v Signal ground

you connect both the signal to each other and the ground, but you only use one 5v wire to power the receiver62 ignore receiver inputs, there not correct. don’t judge my art work :frowning:

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or just read this

Question on CAN vs split ppm

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How does split ppm make a difference? Isn’t all canbus do is send the same signals?

No. CAN = master slave traction control Split ppm = master master


canbus shares information between vesc to make sure they are spinning at the same rate, you can also make them have traction control where as split ppm don’t send information between them as they are not connect to each other, this means they have there own information. It generally means if one vesc goes down then the other one will still be powered, unlike over canbus they both go down. This makes it more reliable unless the vesc with the 5v output goes down then they both go down. split ppm is used {in my case when i fried my canbus connector cause i dropped solder in it} because you can configure the vesc separately, its more reliable, and also is the safest method.

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Does that apply to dual vesc?

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yes 10char

I use can, no problems at all… You can check at, then go to manuals. Tons of info…

Are there two remote channels, one for each side of the vesc?