Need help with getting my parts!

Hello builders, I’m “new” to E-Boards. I mean there isn’t much to understand once you know electronics well enough, but I’m no pro when it comes to Electronic Systems, so I wanted to ask for help and recommendations. Note: The board will have 6 wheels, yeah 6. It will have a Tandem Axle setup in the nose. Pic:image These are my following ‘Specs’:

  • 42" DIY Deck (3 x 3/16" Plywood W/ Fiberglass and Resin in between Layers)
  • Caliber II RKP Trucks, Front, and Rear
  • Cal 97mm Wheels, 6x
  • Flipsky Dual FSEC 4.20, 100A
  • 2x Hobbysky 6374 190KV BLDC
  • DIY, 12S2-4P Li-Po Battery Pack using 10000Mah Cells from Alibaba (many to choose from, but they are ALL dirt cheap)
  • Tx/Rx, just a cheap one
  • Gearing ~2.5-3.5:1 Ratio
  • BMS 12S 30A(?) 48V So the only real part I need help with is the BMS, at least for now. I understand how to wire up the BMS to the cells (not hard), but what I can’t seem to understand is the Amp rating for the BMS. The eBay seller I will buy the BMS from sells multiple variants, ranging from 30-60A. Is the Amp rating the max the system can take before its toast? Idk, kinda lost, so I decided to ask you pros. I think it has to do with the C rating of the entire Battery Pack than I will need to get the BMS according to the Battery Specs…?

Thank you guys,


Joseph, a noob builder :grinning:

So let’s say you have a 60a bms. If you pull more than 60a your bms will cut the power because it’s designed to deliver 60a and not more than that. You’d be better off with a 80a bms because if you overbuild then you can ride knowing you’re not pushing your system. Most of us run 60a bms’s. You can also bypass a low amp bms and use it for charging only.

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If u are doing dual setup you should take a look into the dual flipsky vesc 6. I’ve heard pretty good things about it. Also you will want a 12s4p if running dual drive. If u are using bms for discharge as well spend the extra money on a 12s bestech bms so u get a high discharge amperage rating. If ur doing charge only get whatever amperage u want for discharge because u won’t be discharging for it. I have used theb12s bestech d140 for charge only and it works fine. Good luck

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Also buy real cells like Samsung 30q or 25r. I would trust Chinese cells because they are so cheap, it’s probaly too good to be true

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Choose dual 6.6 instead of 4.2 if going flipsky. If not, get Focbox.

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Also if u want a cheap and reliable remote get the 2.4 ghz rc mini remote

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WOW, response in just 2 mins. Thank you! Yeah, I’ll go with 12S4P. And, ill spend an extra buck on a high discharge BMS, probably. Also, about the 18650 cells. To build what i want, and the budget I got, it would be over ~$200 for just a battery (good cells cost ~$5-8/Ea). I cant afford that. So I will probably just buy 4 x 3S Li-Po’s and dissect them to fit my requirements.


I would if I had the cash. :frowning_face:

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Lipos are also good. Make sure u get a high c rating lipo

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Just remember it’s only 60 amps.

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Yeah, I’ll go up to an 80Amp instead. Better safe than sorry. ~$70…:face_with_raised_eyebrow::open_mouth:

Update: I forgot I had found these cells earlier.

This guy used those cells in a pretty average build but it might be helpful.

Also if you are running 12s then don’t use the 4.20 vesc. Go for a 6 or a focbox.

Also don’t go cheap on the bms. Use a decent one or you will have drama. Go for a bestech with a minimum of 80 amps or a low amp wired for charge only.


Well, yes, but he is only running 6S. Mine would be 12S4P, so range and overall power output would more than double,in theory. Well and, it would be ~$160 for 16 of these, and needing all the other parts, that is sadly MAYBE just too much for my budget, but we’ll see.

Theres a big sale coming up too. You can not go better than a focbox unless you can afford a proper vesc6. I use them on all my builds and they are rock solid on 12s.

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I say but a charge only bms for cheap like from @JLabs and then use the extra money for other things.

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If u din want a focbox or vesc 6 @torqueboards vescs are indestructible even at 12s. I have used them with 12s before.

Yeah, Ill consider all the options.

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Yeah i would be a bit careful with a standard 4.12 vesc. If you are going to run them then you definitely need to heatsink the shit out of them. My tb and hk vescs got extremely hot running 12s.

I don’t heatsink mine and they are perfectly fine.