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Need help with motor selection

Hey guys I’m looking for a motor that can output lots of speed like 23 mph+. Ive heard the lower Kv the better but i’m still new to this and i wasn’t really sure what Kv meant. Hoping that you guys can help me find an affordable (under 100$) motor that can really give a kick. Thanks for all your help.

Turnigy SK3 below 260kv below would do or even over perform. They are all below 100 usd. KV means rpm per volt. Doesn’t necessarily means shit as our body load would messed up the actual rpm math. Take KV as a number or power rating. Get 260kv below and you’re good.

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Look for that motor in the U.S or whereever you are located. its on back order in that link for europe but its s nice motor. very durable, good low KV rating, if you run it at 8 or 10s itll get you well over your 23 mph asking.

I run it on single drive 10s, 16:36 ratio, TB 12s esc and it hits 30 mph. 220 Lbs load.


Thanks for your help. I was looking at this one lower Kv and it seems that it would go pretty fast since your 213 Kv motor goes 30.

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149 is gonna be too slow for you unless you’re running 12s MAYBE decent at 10s

So then higher Kv is faster?

it’s not about the kv really - it’s about the gearing.

Single vs dual also will factor in for starting power and hills. Top speed once rolling will be more about gearing than kv. I would not go below 200kv on your motor as like barajaball mentioned - you’ll really need 10-12s to utilize it well.

200-245 is my recommended. If not fast enough - switch your motor gear up a tooth (which will affect start speed/torque and hills). A couple kicks ot start will almost always help.


This is basically the best E board motor you can get.
Bit over 100 though .

He said under 100 usd

Yeah 130 is a bit much.

I weigh 130 so not too much pressure going down on the board not sure if that affects what motor i get to go 23mph +

Plus shipping from down under

Yes but less torque. Stay close to 200 plus or minus

The rest can be done with gearing. Pick a motor and I’ll help you pick gearing

Are you planning on running 6s, 10s, 12s? That’s probably most important in figuring out what kv rating & gearing you’d need.

if you’ve got a long enough extension cord Lowes has a leaf blower that will probably take you up over 25 if you can hang on to it long enough.

Just trying to think out of the box a little.

But yeah the SK3 is a solid choice if you can find one.


product/electric-skateboard-motor-6355-230kv-2650w/ $90 for this one…

I have added more batteries and will run a 12S 149kv. Ill report back when I get ma vesc.
Right now its merely adequate at 6S and is 15mph

Hey barajaball im looking at one of these two since you said stay close to 200 Kv for optimal speed let me know what you think. There was one more with 149 Kv but i dont know how it will perform.


How much voltage are you going to run and how much do u weigh

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I weigh 130 pretty light and hopefully my lightweight body compared to other people on this website will help me go faster. Yet again still kinda new not sure on the batteries because i dont know what to get definitely something that will give me a good ride time and good distance (if you could help me with that, that would be much appreciated).