Need more battery capacity

okay guys I weight about 300 pounds and I’m 6’1 right now I’m running dual 6374 motors and 4 3s 5000mah in series and I only get 7miles on my battery’s what can I do to get more time on my ride

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Lipos can only take you so far and have limits to capity and if you wiegh that much your going to want
18650 cells, instead if your not content with 7 miles if your 300pounds and are trying to get 10-15 miles at least 12s4p -12s5p 30q. You need to realize we are a community and not your personal tech support. You can’t go on your way without reading first and just jumping straight into the am a idiot and to lazy to read please just waste your time helping me because I refuse to read and use a seach function


Wow thanks for the help

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Out of frustration I don’t do things right my apologies. @MysticalDork

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In all seriousness, do go read through the starter threads, there’s a lot of good information there. Your current battery has about 220 watt-hours of capacity. By increasing the size of your cells, or the number of cells in parallel, you can increase your overall energy content of your battery pack. More energy=more miles.

You should also take a closer look at your setup, including controller settings, etc, since you’re getting really terrible efficiency. A 220Wh pack should get you at least 15 miles.


only way to extend range is to increase capacity. only way to increase capacity is find a more dense chemistry, or increase the parallel count in your pack. the former is less likely until new ground is broken on battery technology (putting my money on solid state liion). so your best option for now is throwing more batteries, therefore money, at it.

Thanks a lot

so lets take your 3x4s lipo, attempting to increase P count means you’ll double number of lipos, it starts to get messy.

its pricy to convert to liions cells but it would be the least painful and easier way to get what you need, namely more watthours.

Calm down bro… Take a look from our perspective, we get newbie post very often and they are really basic problems that can be easily looked up in the search engine. You would feel the same if you stayed around for a while and people ask the same basic questions over and over again. We are just advising new people to this forum to do a fair bit of private research before turning to human resource. :pray:t2::grinning:

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@Thatdudedominic We are frustrated because it seems that you have little interest In the vast knowledge that there is in community and u are asking the most basic questions ever that can be found In the search function which it seems you have yet to find out it exist. Which thus it gets old to see thread after thread people like you who don’t read and rather want a tech support.

I was thinking about buying one more 3s 5000mah and putting it in series with one of the batterys

that won’t work, you’ll end up with a 15s, way too high of voltage.

So what about these 18650 cells are they really reliable and I’m still looking for a better charging system cause as of now I’m jus pulling my board apart every day jus to charge it

Calculating the range is basic algebra: wh(watt-hours) = # of series X 3.7 X mah / 1000 wh is directly related to the range so twice the wh = twice the range You can also calculate your riding efficiency is by doing wh(of your battery) / mi(total on one charge)

They are relatively safer and in some cases less expensive and they have a lower capacity degredation. If you are looking for 18650 packs, you can look them up on the forum. We have people here that make fully equiped battery kits.

There more reliable than lipos that’s for sure just there current draw is not the best its the trade off so you have to stack them past 3p your good like I said a 12s4p or 12s5p should do u good. It would be plug and play for charging wise just a charger port , nothing to pull apart just a hole in the enclosure for the charger port

If you are really in need of help but too lazy to look it up, try this: :grinning:

I found five dollars

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