Need more battery capacity

I am spot welding

Is this a good deal or no

not bad, 12s5p, that’s 60 cells. add the bms, charger, labor. it’s not a bad deal.

are you in europe?

No right here in Texas

I wonder how hard or easy it would be to build it my self

Dude. Go to they are probably right next to you. 18650 packs are easy to build but the initial investments can be quite expensive.

totally possible but not easy.

hit up @torqueboards, they got ready made packs

Hey what do you think of these welds

I am making a 12s4p pack potential for sale. :grin:


Difference is tho that they would take forever like month lead time for that, I’d rather have @barajabali do my batteries now he’s gain a forever customer, I’d pay the extra to have Baja do it instead of waiting the same time and having them thicker. But sending this guy to Baja the never ending questions he would ask maybe TB then there use to being annoyed.

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Seems like to much welds(uneducated guess). Also I hate battery spacers make battery packs to thick, my TB 12s4p was bigger than a 12s6p 30q without battery spacers. That or TB layers the Shit out of their batteries for it to be stupid proof.

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I am using a lot of welds to ensure maximum contact and strength(uneducated guess). I like battery spacers in that they provide convenient and somewhat more rigid support for the cells, but density is something I sometimes consider too.

If kids aren’t allowed to sell batteries isn’t a rule already, it should be.

@ZackoryCramer nothing personal against you

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He is right in the sense of liability, what if something goes wrong will you be able to pay for the refund or fix it, quality control proper equipment. Getting sued stuff like that . Nothing against your buttriding or anything, but scepterr does have a valid point

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I was planning to make a few tens by selling a raw welded pack and fill up a bit of hole in my pocket. :confused: Looks like I have to reconsider my options. :tired_face: Thank you guys for your concern. @scepterr

By all means you can try , just ask a admin or something not sure

Ok another rule, ages 1-100 cannot sell packs unless they have 100 miles use on previous packs :wink:


What is the C rating on those Lipo packs?

If you need more capacity then you will need more batteries in parallel. By increasing the P you will gain range. Generally you want 3 or 4p to give you decent range, some guys here have 5 and 6p. There are several guys who could make you a pack here and you can choose how you would like it set up as far as dimensions go. I would not suggest you doing the spot welds yourself unless you have previous knowledge of it as if you search board fire you will find plenty of threads of boards on fire most are caused by not properly doing the packs.

@Thatdudedominic, forget your weight and build, it’s all about energy stored in the type of battery your using, and what it can safely discharge at. 1st thing you need to do is post a link to the 3s 5000mah LiPO you’re using, that way we can see it’s specs and advise better.

the suggestion to use 18650 cells isn’t necessarily a good one without determining your competence with battery’s. Yes they are generally the preferred battery type, but you’d either need to wire & weld them yourself or buy from a proper battery maker, and compared to LiPo’s, it isn’t cheap.

Absolute easiest way to increase range is to either buy another set of what you’ve got, or buy bigger batteries.

Currently your WH is — 5 x (3.7 x 12) = 222WH Assuming your LiPo’s are 30C, 5000 * 30 \ 1000 = 150 Max Amps discharge

A Samsung 30q 12s4p pack would be (3 x 4) x (3.6 x 12) = 518.4WH Max Discharge amps would be (15 * 4) = 60A Max discharge (advertised max discharge is 15A)

The difference in the amps that the above 2 solutions can (reasonably) output does have a worthwhile impact, so as a complete off-the-cuff guess i’d say the 12s4p Li-Ion pack would would give you twice the range.

6 of these as a 12s2p LiPo pack would give you 444WH and (5000 * 25 \ 1000 *2) a 250A max discharge

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So Im about to get my fourth 3s 25c 5000mah lipo battery. Is there a way I could connect them in series and parallel ? Don’t really need to go to fast something like 18mph is fine, I just want more range.