Need more battery capacity

With only 4 packs, you can’t distribute them in parallel other than 2 series 2 parallel, which is only 6s. Having a higher voltage is just giving the potential for more speed, you can do speed restrictions on VESC if you really worry about it.

Speed I could handle, just not to worried about it. Don’t really see no reason to go that fast atm. But what your saying it’ll be 6s2p10ah. That’s only like 11miles range :neutral_face: I need to stop being lame and get some 5s 8ah lipos since it’ll only cost me like $160 for both

Cough Cough Save up for li-on pack. Uh what was I saying? Oh yea, range is only improved by having more packs. Parallel or series distribution does not affect the range. If 6s2p is only 11 miles, 12s1p should still be 11 miles. :neutral_face:
You would use that to connect them in series and then if you look up parallel connector you will find the same thing just set up for parallel

Im taller and about the same weight as you and i get 18-25 miles range out of my dual 6374 build with my 12s4p 30q battery

This is the pack I’m using as of now I have 4 of them making them a


You would have to buy four more of those to double your range

Well I was think about Buying all my battery and hook it up in parallel with only one other battery so it’ll be like I have a 12 S1P but I don’t know how that works still I’m still researching

You have four 3s batteries. In series. Giving you 12s1p.

The only thing you can do is buy four more of the same kind. That would make the same 12s1p. Then you take those combined in parallel with your other four you get 12s2p