Needing help with building a circuit

Hey guys i would like to build a skateboard for my nephew in the Netherlands. I selected some parts and i did some research but i don`t really know how to make the circuit. Could you give me tips what to use to combine for instance the batteries and how i need to do that and if this is a good build or if its is going to overheat in the first 100 metres.

These are the parts ELECTRIC SKATEBOARD MOTOR 6355 260KV products/electric-skateboard-motor-6355-260kv?variant=712632074263

FOCBOX Motor Controller

ZIPPY Compact 5000mAh 6S 25C Lipo Pack i will buy those 2 times so 6S2P

Do you guys think this is a descent build or do i need to change some stuff around? I really tried my best but i am just not the best electrian there is.

It will work together, but if you plan on buying two battereis it will be better to connect them in series to get 12s and use one 170kv 6374 motor…it would give you more power this way and still the same range :slight_smile: or go 10s (two 5s batteries in series) with 190kv motor…

There is absolutely nothing wrong with 6S and a 260kv motor. Hundreds of people have done it. Ive done it, still doing it.

Take a look at the builds category and you can see the process for dozens of builds. You still need a wheels pulley, motor pulley, belt, xt90s loop key or vedder switch and enclosure at a minimum…assuming you already have the standard skate gear.

Here’s a sample diagram of how it all goes together…

Actually you’re a bit wrong here. Connecting them in parallel will be effectively twice the range, not the same range :stuck_out_tongue:

Like @mmaner said, nothing wrong with 6s!

Thanks for the replys guys. So if i want to make full use of my 260kv motor what is a smart battery setup 12s2p? Or do you guys recommend doing something else? And if i upp my battery capacity will my esc still tolarate it or is there a max?

stick with 6s. 12s on 260kv will destroy something

I got a kit linked by a friend that fits the motor and recommends 6s or 12s this is the kit collections/single-motor-mechanical-kit/products/single-motor-mechanical-kit If i add to this kit the motor a battery a deck controller and a motor computer (vesc if i remember it right). I am good to go right?

Ah oke so 6s2p is the best option with my motor and vesc?

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6sXp will serve you well with 260kv and VESC

Ah thanks man. I couldnt figure out from the forums how I set everything up and what cables to use could someone make like a pic in paint or some for me what to connect where.

Another question is the 25C or the 30C better considering my 260kv motor


If you use two 6s batteries of the same capacity and connect them in parallel and then use two of the same batteries and connect them in series you will get the same watt hours, which means the same range (almost, the 6S could give a little bit more)

@GrecoMan yeah, 12s on 260 would destroy everything, tahts why I offered 170kv motor…

6S is ok, but if you can choose motor (meaning you havent bought it yet) I would go for 170kv motor and run it on 12s1p, you would get more power for the same money (50.480= about 4000W, limited by motor) if you use 260 kv motor on 6s2p, you would get about 25.280 = about 2000W, maybe a little bit more and thats what I am talking about…

OFC 260kv motor is completly allright, you just cant use it on 12s…

25C will be enough, even 20C or 15C would work well if you would use 2 of them in paralel (6S2P)

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Ah oke thanks for explaining. What do you think about a 7s gives 25.4v or 8s or am i risking battery loss then with the 260kv motor ? I would like to put 2 batteries parralel because of the extra range.{“batt-type-lipo”:1,“batt-cells”:8,“motor-kv”:260,“system-efficiency”:90,“motor-pulley-teeth”:15,“wheel-pulley-teeth”:36,“wheel-size”:90}|

Battery loss? No, you are not…you could be risking burned DRV, but it is still under ERPM limit so it should be ok :slight_smile:

The motor you linked has the max of 80A, if you use 2 8S 5000Ah 25c batteries in parallel then they can output up to 250A (5Ah x 25c x 2) so the batteries are more than safe :slight_smile:

Not completly sure what you mean about the battery loss…Voltage sag?

doesn’t matter if you connect in series or parallel, you still get twice the watt hours

Thats exactly what I said :slight_smile: <3

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guess i misunderstood


Guess I cant speak English properly…I envy all the native English speakers…

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Yeah i meant voltage sag haha i am kinda new to all the terms.

So i will go with the 260kv motor because i already had it 8s2p 5000mah batteries But i am thinking one thing now i saw this vesc which one do you guys recommend? Considering the 80 dollar price diffirence? products/torque-esc-vesc-bldc-electronic-speed-controller This cheaper one only has a consistent 50A output compared to the 80A. So the cheaper one is not a goos choice right?

The FOCBOX is the way…better quality…Its worth it :slight_smile: Do not try to go as cheap as possible… IF you will use two of them in paralel there will be almost no sag…