New boosted board 2nd generation

About 2 mins 10 screws and 1 plug.

Wait I will be releasing a portable charger for both boosted board and any other board you want to use it with!

Over 100ppl have clicked on my referral link but I have not received a confirmation of my $100. So this means guys here are really into DIY I love it!

But if you want to save me money click on my link because i will be using my board for MODs and development.

Never timed it properly. Say 10mins. There are a few screws to remove…Ive swapped for shorter screws and have electric screw driver(see raptor tool kit thread). 25-30km range is a good ride. Worse case you bring your fast charger and have a coffee somewhere with a power point. Charge up and get to a station or bus service.

Realistically on my commute I’m pretty sure I won’t need to. I’m thinking multiple rides throughout the day with possibly no time to let my board sit and charge…on the go a lot basically.

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Well if that is the case another fully charged space cell and some tools should do it, and maybe another remote. Ive used 2nd battery, but not had to charge remote again, but I know the remote doesnt really give you an indicator of when it will run out. The remote maybe the only thing that could hold you up for going endlessly. Never tested how long battery lasts on it. In any event 30plus kms is alot of riding. Your more likley to get tired than the board running out on a 2 battery set up.

Yeah 10 miles and I’ll be beat probably. Do you know of any remotes that work better than the stock enertion one and will work?

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You could add the GT2b thats always on the threads for good remotes. Its only really ugly as its one of those RC ones. Reliable and you can swap batteries if need be. Dont think you can just swap between both though. As you have to change vesc settings. I can say you should be fine for 40km range on 1 steeve remote charge. Just not 100%. You dont want to be not have remote not working, so its all about common sense. Also if you do have time the remote could be charged. Next thing on space cell should be a usb port like Boosted 2. Then you could even add a light. Is it just me, but has this whole eboard thing just exploded. Its definately moving forward. The DIY have known for a long time though. Bring it on its so exciting.

By the end of the year there will be more people on an eboard than there have been for the last 2 years combined probably…

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Every one remember even Jason has said this in his comparison videos, the vesc has some way to go to produce the same control and feel as the boosted board, on the boosted there is no question if and wheel the motor will engage and actually spin there is smooth control and no gerky feeling with the remote when throttling as hard as you can then releasing, it is all curved via rpm and a very high res decoder a lot higher then hall sensors.

I f**ed my knee on an esk8 2 years ago and since then can’t squat to slide and my kee gives way if I jump off at speed (even after 2 recons) So for some ppl like me the boosted is the best option until some more options come out for the vesc and better remotes things that Vedder and I am working on.

Thanks for trying!

Obviously you can re order with it, but that might be a pain :stuck_out_tongue:

Yup, I asked and that’s what they’ll do. It will bump me back in line, but I think it’s worth it for $100 for each of us.

Looks like it worked!

You used my link? Thanks, massively appreciate it! What did you go for? :slight_smile:

ive ridden the boosted a couple times and I typically ride two hub motors (80,90,or 100kv) with vescs on FOC and no sensors. I find the vescs just as smooth accelerating or braking as the boosted I was surprised by how quiet the boosted is but its still a toss up and I think the vescs and hub motors are quieter. I can have smooth operation down to maybe 2 or 3 miles per hour no problem.

If u use the as5047 encoder it will be even smoother on FOC, 2.17 supports this, the boosted uses the as5134 it has a lower resolution then the as5047. But because the hubs don’t have a shaft it’s hard to implement but I’m working on it.

Still love my boosted board tho. It’s mainly the feel on the deck tho.

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It is smooth for sure first time on it where as my board is pretty trigger sensitive. They use a steeze-like remote which, other than the deadman switch you have to constantly hold down, is really nice. Think the new evolve has a similar stopping-when-not-on-it tech without requiring the deadman switch.

The deck is nice and smooth and I guess they’re doing the same again. Bit high and bouncy for going fast but that doesn’t happen on it anyway.

Lol…unfortunately but fortunately so

The dead man switch isn’t needed but it actually has a freewheel feeling so the board has less resistance when your not holding the switch to help when you just want to push!

But our hubs don’t need that do they!

Yup. Dual+ with extended range.

Nice! :slight_smile: Annoying they are taking so long to ship them