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Does anyone think that Boosted are now left behind now that the Evolve GT and likely Bamboo versions are coming out. They have more power, better range. Who needs to swap batteries when you can do 50km and go 40km/hr. Waterproof is good, but riding in rain or wet isnt safe anyway.

Technically yes but Boosted is hyped in US because of Casey, lots of people don’t care if there are better boards out there, they wan’t the “Boosted Board”. It is still lot cheaper than the GT.

It’s not just because of Casey. The demographic that boosted board are aiming at are not the same as evolve. You talk to the guys at boosted and they are all about community, so they incurage group rides and sharing your daily ride and the enjoyment of the ride. Before I did my knee I would ride my rayne or kebbek deck for down hill then a loaded deck for my daily until I started to just use my dervish for every thing. It’s just because that’s how I like to ride. So when I jump on my boosted I feel at home!

The electric skateboard community is expanding and for me and sorta where I want my YouTube chennel to go is helping ppl find the right electric skateboard for them. Because although performance matters it’s not every thing.

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I have the GT pre-ordered, despite the higher top speed, CF deck, longer range, etc my co-worker pre-ordered the boosted board 2 with extended range. Why? He is a huge Casey Neistat fan and is brainwashed lol. Also because it is a little bit cheaper.

I forgot in my post that the price options are alot better than the GT till a Bamboo version comes out. And yes there is that CN factor. But I also think like @jacobbloy that the Boosted is fundamentally a really fun board to ride and I know the owners love them. If they didnt like it like CN they wouldnt promote it

They are solid boards, i don’t mean that literally of course.

@Rob.Endless You just have to look at how CN abuses them. I think he has only had a hand full of issue. I recall it only once not working at all hence the reason why he has more than 1. Other reason is to have other boards so others can join him.

the biggest thing for me is the deck if there is a sweet flexi deck ill buy it.

even when the GT comes out in bamboo the battery will stop the flex. but I’m still saving for one.

The flex looks good. People seem to roll pretty smooth on them.

I don’t know why comparisons between boosted evolve and DIY (enertion too) devolve into “apple vs pc vs roll your own”.

I have a boosted board because I wanted an electric bike a year ago and stumbled into something relatively cheaper and more agile. I ride the shit out of that board and I love it and depend on it to get to work. Range and deck flex are the only things that could be adjusted IMO. (And top speed, but that goes with out saying).

will I buy a second gen? Naw, I’ll find a fool selling an old board and replace my batteries when the time comes. I’ve already been rolling on kegels too.

I’d say a good percentage of us would never have stumbled on this forum if it weren’t for Boosted.


I reserved the Dual + Extended Boosted Board 2.0 and got an email in regards to their progress. It looks like I will be getting the board sooner than expected, but with a regular battery since they are delaying the extended battery. Good news is that I would have a free battery. Pretty cool of them to do this.

This is what they said.

Extended Range Battery Board: We want you riding as soon as possible, so we have also decided that all extended range Dual+ and Dual reservations will be fulfilled with standard range battery starting in August, along with the extended range battery when they begin production in early 2017 at no additional cost. After you install your extended range battery, You can keep your standard battery as a spare, carry and swap it on longer rides, or use it for airline travel.(we feel it is necessary to invest further engineering time in additional safety features to match the exceptional safety performance of our standard battery. This means shipment of our extended battery will be postponed)

Nice move of Boosted!

Is it only me that thinks the new boosted 2 13mile 20km range is a bit of a non event, Just seen their video of someone travelling in fast speed for the 13mils. If they shoot that with DIY, Raptor or Evolve could return half way or all the way in the instance of the Evolve.

Suppose they have to pump up this feature as the 1.0 had pathetic range.


They have to pump it up because some people think the battery doesn’t even exist yet lol. I’m betting they probably just got f*** by their battery manufacturer and needed more time to get them made, tested, certified, etc.

I also think they over estimated a bit with the “early 2017” so that they can end up over-delivering. Just my guess. People would go insane over that. Although I’m sure unless it was like November no one would care about riding in the winter.

Can you over-deliver after you have under-delivered (in terms of timings)…? I guess you can create the perception you have. I get that the small blokes get delayed because they have very little supply-chain power. I can’t help but feel that the BB situation has occurred because they deliberately brought forward the V2 pre-order with aggressive (and therefore risky) timelines because of summer 2016 competitive pressures from the Evolve release. They needed to combat market share loss by getting the BB market base to commit earlier. It probably influenced their better judgement or risk threshold for delays. Anyway, good news for those who want a BB v2 but have an alternative in the meantime, I suppose. Free battery.

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