New Build - Advice, Please!

Hi All! First time builder here, looking for some confirmation components before I buy. I’m going relatively budget, trying to get this first board running as a starter board and eventually working into more complex builds. Im wanting to use this board as a mountainboard, or at least be able to handle the stiff transitions here in Indiana and do some light offroading. Im open to modifying the suspension and board later as necessary to achieve more cushion and ride comfort. Here are the components I’ve already got and/or considering buying:

Board: hand-me-down longboard from a friend, seems completely wooden and relatively heavy for my set up but worth it for $0 and where Im at. :slight_smile: Also came with Paris trucks and bushings. I added "1 polyurethane risers to the trucks to account for the added wheel diameter (described below).

Wheels: 113mm from this thread. I have them mounted and have realized they are definitely too hard for a true mountainboard ride, but they are sufficient for now and I may drill holes through them later in an attempt to get more cushion. Ultimately, if I stick with this board long term Ill replace the wheels with something more robust.

Pics of board as it sits currently: Pic 1 Pic 2 Pic 3

Drivetrain mounts: I decided on this kit from Ebay after using the RC Calc app to determine ultimate drive ratio and top speed based on some assumptions about battery and motor (below). The teeth are 16T and 48T, though the pitch angle is not mentioned. Since we’re talking a 4x reduction and a relatively large motor gear, I figured this will be sufficient and cost effective.

Motor: Im wanting to start with a dual motor setup, so Im intending to go lower on KV. Im thinking two of the 190kv Turnigy motors from Hobby King should be good, but interested in feedback on KV, Turnigy, and Hobby King.

Battery: With two motors, and wanting decent range, I am thinking 10S based on further reading and using the RC Calc at 48V. Possibly this battery? Open to ideas or feedback on upgrading to 12S?

VESC: It seems like there’s a lot of options and not a lot of quality feedback on what VESC to use. Im thinking 2x of these Maybach-based VESCs from Ebay. Thoughts?

RC Calc pic

Ive got this Watt Meter from Amazon.

What else do I need? What am I missing?

Thanks so much in advance!

forget where but remember seeing someone complaining about slippage with those 3mm pitched pulley / belts. overall that drive kit doesn’t seem to be very good but they are cheap.

basic tooling wise you’ll need a solder station, I use the hakko 888.

those cheap vescs should be ok as long as you bldc, not foc.

as for those wheels you’ll probably have to drill holes to make the pulley fit, not sure

if the maytech’s are $100 each, why not just get TB’s VESC? at least that way you’ll have a real american company who is active on the forums backing the product.

Don’t think paris truck can accommodate dual 190Kv turnigy motors. Take a look at my dual 6374s mounted on TorqueBoards 218mm truck:


I cant actually tell if these are 3mm or 5mm pitched - do you see that somewhere? Maybe Im missing it…

Ive got soldering stuff from other projects, but good call out thanks!

Sorry, newbie question: what is bldc vs foc?

Yes, definitely going to modify the wheels for the pulley.

Thanks for the reply!!

Do you have a link to TB’s VESCs?

I’ve seen some of these motor mounts broke in 2 pieces in some threads, maybe not the best choice.

I’ve bought this one which is also not top notch quality but at least looks more stable to me. But check if it can hold your motor and suits your trucks.

Electric Skateboard Belt Motor Mount Bracket Pulley Screws For 83/90/97MM Wheel

Thats a great call out, I hadnt yet thought about clearances between the motors. Im not sure exactly how to measure the length of the trucks; they are either ~186mm or ~254mm depending on where you measure from:

Measured from threads Measured from shaft start

Just eyballing it, you’re right that there isnt going to be enough room to mount the motors symmetrically as you have. I do have quite a bit of ground clearance though, so Im thinking Ill either stagger them or mount them on opposite sides of the truck. Does that sound reasonable to you?

What is the difference between your 6374s and the 6364s I linked? Reading the product descriptions, it seems like the 6374s can handle 10S - 12S, where the 6364s can only handle 10S. Is that the only difference?

Thanks for the reply!

Thanks for the recommendation! Ill give these a consideration. In first glance I like the fact that the ones you have a 19mm bracket hole for the trucks vs the 18mm hole in the ones I have; my trucks are slightly over 18mm, which means Ill need to shave/file them down slightly to fit my current brackets. Ill have to do that anyway though, because the Paris trucks are pretty heavily chamfered from the axle to the mount meaning Ill need to clear some of the metal out anyway. I also like that the ones you linked come with a mounting bracket for the wheel gear on the opposite side of the wheel vs the ones I have do not have this. The final drive ratio with 12/36T vs 16/48T would be just fine as well.

I dont like the price though… :frowning: plus the fact that I already bought these.

6374s has a length of 74mm vs 6364s of 64mm. 63xx designates the diameter of 63mm.


in the ebay post, product photos, that 3m designation indicates pitch depth.

a search will get you your answer:

i’d recommend against this. unless you have a drill press for perfect angles, just get abec core wheels so things just fit together without having to modify things by hand.

Sweet, thanks for the info, that makes sense.

Thanks! Ill probably get these instead :wink:

Thanks, I see it on the belt now.

Of course, the search feature… so obvious, yet so noob. Thanks!

I do indeed have a drill press, so Ill be using it.

yeah definitely, TB VESC is 2 subversions ahead of maytech’s 4.10. I still wouldn’t do FOC, instead just stick with BLDC.

I just ordered two of TB’s ESCs… the money pit gets deeper!

Just wait until you start breaking parts and frying chips… I thought I was going to stop at 1100$ for my single build. Then the second motor, then fried a drv, etc. etc. fuck this hobby.

Yes, I already decided on different wheels instead of the ones Ive bought and paid for. These look more promising: Id be better off financially just buying the entire board from them at this point, but its about the experience, right? RIGHT? :slight_smile:

You’ll have to let me know how you like those wheels… They’re really quite appealing now that they’re made with 8mm axles. I wonder if it will be as soft as pneumatics.