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Hi there amazing board builders!

I’m looking for some advice on what parts can work together and what’s the best bang for buck. I wanted to buy a self built board but someone else got there earlier :frowning: I’m looking for around 25-30 km/h top speed and with a range of around 15 kilometers. Would be cool if I could charge it in 3 hours or less for my daily commute. I was looking into some clean Alien stuff but I would appreciate some feedback and advice for what is best; 6S 12S etc. My budget is around 500 excluding the board, because I want to try and use my old longboard.

Thanks in advance!


Go with a 6S Hobbyking ESC, two 3S Lipos in Series and a SK3 Motor plus GT2B transmitter. Just like I did in my 400€ build.

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6s Lipo from HK. €50ish 1 Remote from HK / aliexpress. €30ish 1 Vesc. €150 1 Single drive kit €150 1 psu. €30ish 1 balance charger. €30ish

Other misc parts €50ish

Can you give me your full parts list?

Does hobbyking ship to the Netherlands?

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You can check my build, Project LACR. All of the parts are from HK. I also live in The Netherlands

Check out my build:

There is a hobbyking warehouse in the Netherlands actually, the EU one

want to buy one that goes up to 30 km and 32km distance ?

hobbyking is in the netherlands :smiley:

Which one? One you made yourself?

Didn’t know that, thanks!

yes…made it myself…using Enertion parts and VESC, Sk3 motor, 8s4p 10.4A. Also here in the Netherlands :smiley:

Gonna look into it tomorrow cause I have a 3D printer at school :slight_smile:

Sounds really good man, can you send me some pics?

yea sure…just drop me a PM…and i will make sure to make some and send them to you

Ya sure?

2x3s Hobbyking = 40$ Alieexpress remote 45$ Vesc + warranty 175$ Single drive kit 200$ Motor TB 190kv 6355 90$ Imax charger 40$

  • enclosures and misc 50$

About 650$ which makes €580,- Costs will surely get higher but with these parts the build will surely succeed.

-edit Cheaper motor :slight_smile:

And if I get all this stuff I’m ready to rumble? Or do I still need to get stuff like bolts and custom enclosures? I have acces to a laser cutter and a 3D printer if that helps.

Pm sent! It is in Dutch though so if that isn’t your native language I’ll Englishify it :stuck_out_tongue:

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You will need to add import duties on those parts from non EU suppliers though…