New esk8 | <500€ | 18.5mph | hill climber

Hi guys!

I’m interested in buying my first esk8. I’ve been researching for a couple of months.

First I was thinking in building one myself. But for first esk8 I think its better for me to buy one prebuilt and one day w’ll see.

I’m from Portugal and would like to buy from the EU so it doesn’t goes through customs. Recently, I’ve been searching for the best esk8 under 500€, that has a real range of 16km(10miles), goes around 30km/h(18.5mph) and it need to climb some hills.

Until now here’s what I’ve searched:

Lectric Legacy | 300€
Koowheel d3m | 550€
Benchwheel dual 1800W C2 | 470€

From what I’ve read the benchwheel seems the best, but I would like your opinion, I’m new into this and don’t know a lot of boards or stores who sell them.

My girlfriend has just bought the Koowheel D3M Version 3 board. I think for the price, it`s a pretty awesome E-board.

It seems to be… But I need to climb some hills. Don’t know how it compares with the other two. The benchwheel seems to more of a hill climber.

If you are handy at all I suggest building! You will quickly get bored with prebuilt boards and with DIY you can change things around until it’s exactly what you want. For the cost of the boards you are looking at you can build a much better board.

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I know. I’ve thought about that. But scares don’t know a cheap practical way to charge batteries. And a diy can become expensive really fast. And also don’t know if with deck, charger and everything wouldn’t become more expensive than the benchwheel.

Do you have any suggestions for a build?

6s, single motor, IMAX charger, mini controller, vesc, flywheel clones.

Where are you located?

And can a single motor be stronger than the benchwheel?

I’m located in Portugal, Porto.

Depends on your weight and the area you will be riding. You can make a 6s build that is generated for 22mph and 8 miles.

But will it climb hills?

A friend of mine did a review on the Koowheel D3M, he’s very satisfied with it, especially for it’s price. We’ve build a DIY together just now, but we’re still waiting on our remote, so in a week or two he’ll post a video comparing a DIY with the Koowheel incase you’re interested.

I would suggest you the Koowheel D3M. I have one myself for already more then a month and I did already more then 300km on it. I can tell you that hill climbing is not a problem if you do not weigh to much. I weigh around 75kg. If you interested in buying one you could contact the guy of the review video here above.

I would be very interested. thank you. How’s your build?

Thank you so much for your feedback. I’m a bit more heavier than you 95kg but I’ll consider. I’m also considering making diy conservative build and upgrading later.

It’s finished, just the remote and receiver are missing, which should arrive coming week. So far I’m satisfied with my build, just hoping all parts will stick together ;).


Looks really good… How do you charge it?

I’ve got 2x 4S 5000mah lipo’s in there in series. So a 8s battery, I’ve brought the series plug and balance cables to two connectors on the outside and connect it with a skyrc E8 charger. It’s handy cause it’s a balance charger, with power supply in a small form factor.

Nice. Didn’t even knew that charger existed.

Do you have any buildlog or could you provide the name of the deck or where you bought it… It looks nice…

Would be nice to see the diy and koowheel in comparison…

The deck is a brunotti Bob, wheels are Koowheel’s wheels which are 83mm flywheel clones I believe, they’re not as cheap as generic clones but had a warehouse in Germany and fast shipping so I went for it (€50 for 4).

As for my buildlog, this contains most of it. Things like screws, spraycan etc aren’t there, perhaps a few other small things:

If you subscribe to my friend (the video I posted above) you’ll definitely see a comparison video in the coming weeks as we build this board together. A video solely for the DIY will be put up probably as well, it’s up to him really. We built two of them, one with blue (mine) and one with orange (his) wheels.

Right now it’s to soon to say if this is a good build or not though, as I haven’t tested it yet as I’m waiting for my remote to arrive. But I sure hope so :slight_smile:

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FYI, this is how it’s charging: