NEW ESK8 V1.2 controller by version 1.2 with new feature and cheaper price!

We have over the winter our controller new designed. So we build on the PCB a new 2Pin connector. So you can now direct connecting the LCD battery monitor. You must no no soldering and you can making the monitor off over the antispark. Here was the first Pictures for you.





The aluminium case was now powder-coated, at the moment we have only in black but more colors are coming soon.

What is the price on these?

We are now building the housings ourselves and by that we can once again lower the price From now on, the controllers cost only 159.- € for EU customers In the dual cost the controllers 300.- € and there is a battery indicator free of charge, as a gift.


And the best is, we can now shipping to non EU countries now without VAT. That’s how the controllers for the US, Canada, cost now and all other non EU countries 133.61.- € and in the dual version 252.10 € and an LCD display


The controllers are all in stock but we still have to change the HP so that the controllers from the non EU countries can be ordered without VAT.

I’m looking for focboxes how do these compare to those? Is it the same specs?

I don’t know i don’t have FocBoxes lol. But we have al parts on the PCB upgraded and making stronger. We have used the basic V 4.12 like Enertion too. But our controller rund with 12S without problems, when you using the right motor with lower KV as by 10S.

I can’t find v1.2 on your site ? Only v1.1, wich are not in stock.

lower kv means in this case?

At the moment was on the HP the old version and the old price, we must finished the new controller with al cables and housing. Then we must making al opinions for non EU customer with another price. I think in the next two days we are finished with al. It was enough controller in Stock, but not 100% finish.

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By 10S you can using motors with 200KV but by 12S was 170KV the best options

will 190kv be a problem when limiting the erpm limit to 60’000 in the vesc options?

No, wenn you limiting the KV then you can using the Motor

Sorry i mean the ERPM

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