New FOC ESC on the market?

While I was browsing Alibaba today I’ve found this:
Seems like WINBOARD is making their own ESC now. Looks pretty good.

This is what they claim on their Alibaba page:

What WINboard FOC skateboard features?

  1. Generate full torque at zero speed, low energy with high performance, increase efficiency by 5%-8% than any other skateboards
  2. Longer riding distance at single charge and extended battery life
  3. Electric current is relatively low, less than 9A
  4. Quiet motor without any noise makes your skateboard with higher efficiency
  5. Easy to install and fits any skateboards, say goodbye to bulky wires if make your own skateboard.
  6. We have more than 10 years in this field is the guarantee for your satisfaction.

What is the difference between VESC and FOC? FOC genertate highest torque at the beginning speed with very low rmp, electric current is ver low, less than 9A, extending battery life and longer riding distance. What is more, quiet motor without any noise and heating problem. In this way, skateboard efficiency dramaticlly increased by 5%-8% than any other motor controller. However, VESC gets highest torque in a relatively higher speed, electric current much larger than FOC, which would do harm to skateboard battery and lower the performance and efficiency.


Again …wondering if anyone had it in hands ?

Check Lou (Loi?) skateboards… some claim they have super tight ties with Winboards.

Looks good from case perspective and Foc ability. Otherwise I dont see any other data … amps./volts, would be great, if you could share these if you can.

Yeah. I’ve read the LOU topic…for now it seems like the guys from LOU built there own deck and used Winboards components for the rest.

At the end this FOC ESC is really interesting but at the end it all comes down to the software …how would we configure anything ?

Did they give a Price?

No I havn’t seen the price anywhere…we would probably have to approach them on their Aliababa page.

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Guys I’ll try to contact them tonight and we will see how it goes.


You guys should look at this thread, it appears to be the same controller.

What makes you think it’s the same controller ? There is not even a single word about FOC in that link. It seems like a different one to me.

Sorry wrong thread. Long day, lack of sleep and 4 kids…all I got :slight_smile:

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Little VIDEO about that FOC Esc. Anyone knows this guy ??? :slight_smile:

I recently purchased their gt-m2 containing the same FOC controller. It is dead quiet! I have converted any of my soft boards to FOC so I don’t really know how’d it compare. Acceleration and braking are very linear, smooth. I’ve only taken it out on a 2 mile flat run so it’s hard to give any real review yet.

My guess is that this will be the same motor controller on the LOU boards. And the same hub motors on their 2.0 and 3.0

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Great to hear that ! Seems like we might have something interesting here.

Hummm… Isn’t FOC (field oriented control) also a option on the VESC… I’m not sure but I think they try to refer to BLDC and not VESC… Can there ESC work in sesorsless, because what make the VESC “The VESC” is the algorithm behind sesorsless BLDC and FOC… I not sure they really know what can be done with a VESC.

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Marketing wanks got it wrong


What does this mean? You can only put 9 battery amps through this? If that’s the case, then we have a fraction of the amp limit of the current 4th gen vescs.

Interesting and I know theres others working on their own FOC esc’s, so we’ll have to see where things go in the near future.

What, you haven’t heard of rmp? It’s the new rpm!!! lol


That’s revolu mer pinute, which from Ancient Aramaic translates to Holy Fuck Units. As you can see from this chart, the VESC clearly has more Holy Fucks than the FOC at 1000 MAX N.M which is also Ancient Aramaic for Shit Pants, a unit of acceleration. At 1000 Shit Pants you’re experiencing far more Holy Fucks on the VESC.


Come on Guys …they did their best to sound like “scientific mambo jambo”:slight_smile:

Maytech released as well a new ESC with FOC functionality featuring an ON/OFF anti-spark switch. Link to Aliexpress.

This is a whack price! 100 bucks for DUAL ESC, with On/Off switch and foc compability?

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