New FOCBOX For Sale! US Free Shipping! Price Reduction!

Ive decided to reduce the price for 1 vesc at $130 shipped and 2 Vesc to $245 shipped in the US. Ive only got about 20 left though. PM me for details!


Where in California?

I’d be interested in two

Lets do a group buy. @Michaelinvegas


we really should try massdrop for this kind of thing


I don’t think many esk8ers are on Massdrop.

I’m in Los Angeles, but shipping throughout the lower 48.

why can’t we change that? we have a large enough community with no really good way of organizing group buys (other than jlabs? i think that’s a groupbuy?). It would simplify everything massively and give us more exposure as a community.


I’ll give it a look see, I really wanted to try and keep it barebones as possible and keep the prices down. But if massdrop seems viable then for sure

Id rather jump in on athe vesc 6 gb


I think they take a percentage or something.

I’d like to just do a group buy as well.

The 51+ price margin is delicious.


im down for it if we can get it to 80


What are we doing @Pantologist?

Vesc X group buy? Yay or nay? You are the group buy expert at this point :stuck_out_tongue:

I would be interested as well.

Ok what’s the lowest number we need to get the cheapest deal?

I’m using an old iPhone…my other phone is charging lol so I can’t see the break down cause the font is too small …or I’m that old lol

@Pantologist can you make a google form and add me please so I can view the responses ? [email protected]

Let get it rolling

51 units is $89.56 each.

Okay I will.

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Ok Guys I bought the Vescs already, 120 shipped for 1 and 220 shipped for 2 in the lower 48. PM for Paypal info.

Whew … Dodged that bullet hahahaha thanks @yummyblobs!!!