New HGLRC (flipsky) motor from Banggood

Hallo Esk8èrs…

I`ve noticed that banggood have listed two new 190kv motors from HGLRC… (flipsky)

But i have a hard time telling the difference between these two motors, all the data looks the same, besides the color and look. Anybody knows something ??

They looks interesting

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Screw it…

Just ordered two black ones… excited to see how they are compared to my current sk3 6364 190kv from hobbyking…


Probably the same as these

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They look good, except the price.

Except the price?

They are alright I guess, there a few design flaws that could be easily fixed by the factory but they are stubborn and decide these changes are unnecessary. There’s a whole debate about these motors on the scepter dark matter motors thread

Most are selling these for 40 EUR more.

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I took some very similar motors apart lately because I was curious. At the end of the shaft where the 2 grubscrews were I think it was presumed that they just bit into the shaft,(or not) To my surprise there was a flat spot one side and a flat spot with a divot on the other. These ones shouldn’t move.

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Cheaper here anyway

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Like what?

Says 120 on banggood

I haven’t opened these kinds up, but their older motors were the same as what you described.

I doubt we are getting motors from different places just resell stores


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Ah, yes. Seems my Euro dollar conversion is outdated. They are 100 Euro, where most resellers here list them for 140.

Thanks for the link… I Will look out for this.

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So there the same as these @moon ? received_192225994808158

Well I have no evidence to back it up but I am saying yes


Hopefully I won’t have same problems as @Mikenopolis

Besides the c-clip/Bell issue… It’s looks like many are using this motor. Can anybody say something about the power / torque ?

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I’m talking to a guy who sells this on aliexpress for 45$ a piece (Thats if we buy in bulk, like 20-30 motors). The problem is, he sells them with 10mm shaft and the shaft doesn’t have the keyway. Nice thing is, he sells them in custom kv. So in order to get the group buy going, i asked him if he could get them with 8mm shaft and a keyway since i know a lot of you guys prefer it that way.

Well, thats where we are, he is looking for the factory that can make this shafts and i’m waiting. But yeah, the point is they cost like 30ish from the factory, so asking 140$ for them is kinda uncalled for.

Question; What would be the demand if i get them with 10mm shaft and without the keyway. And maybe in 170kv and 190kv?

Do you think the c-clip/Bell failure thing is the same problem in both the 8mm and 10mm shaft model ?

They are $30 ish on taobao