New Hobbyking cheap conversion kit I’m torn on this. I like that there’s now a cheap complete system available, and it seems like a really solid deal for beginners, but at the same time I’ve watched over and over again as hobbyking does this in the RC and multirotor industries- they wait for passionate companies to put in the R&D time to really develop systems to provide a good experience, and then completely undercut them because they don’t have to shoulder the same R&D expenses. I’ve watched many innovative multirotor companies go under because hobbyking and the banggood folks stole their design and made a copy at a fraction of the price. Right now, I’m looking at it this way: Yes, it sucks that HK is now going to likely be the go-to place for beginners, but people don’t often build a single esk8 and feel content. I’m hoping this will be a good way for people to get a really good riding experience for not much money, and then take their business to the more innovative and quality brands as they progress. Thoughts anyone?

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