New Hobbyking motor - 6374 sensored

Hobbyking have just put up a new motor for sale - came online over the last few hours some time.

I think its worth checking out, so grabbed a couple - ill update as soon as I have some feedback. International express shipping is currently free, so worth it for science. :wink:


“Resistance 24Mohm” mmmkay

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Whats your Problem with this value?

Really hope you’re joking. Mega ohm is a couple of zeros too much… (they probably mean mOhm)

I just read Milliohm :smiley:

if it can really do 4400W then its not bad for 80 squids.

wonder how much power it can push out when used with there sk8-esc? if they were a good pair then <£150 motor and esc is a good deal.


Bro I think this is a pretty big deal for esk8 builders!!!

now they just need to make a VESC6 and were sorted.

the multi-rotor market jumped forwards leaps and bounds once hobbyking got on-board and started driving the costs of esc’s and motors down. hopefully the same will start to happen with eskate :slight_smile:


the fuk, i want it!

Tracking this one very closely. Let us know how it does!

That’s one heavy and powerful outrunner.

I think they also released a new vesc based on 4.12:

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I dont know but 4.4kW enclosed case (no venting holes) is prone to be dead in summer plus 8mm shaft with that kind of power is also questionable :slight_smile:

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even if you cap your max battery A at say 40?

There’s also a lot more motors in the range, 5045, 6354, in a variety of KV. Search sk8 on Hobbyking.

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whats with the short phase wires?!

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Wish there was a slightly lower kv available… and a 10mm shaft

Is @hobbyking_ian still here?


Looks to be like any other sealed 6374. The max wattage is determined mostly by the stator size, which indicates iron and copper. For the brave souls who buy it, do see if you can measure the stator.


It looks like it also comes with the sensor wire ready to plug in to vesc. Correct me if I’m wrong

Also does the shaft come with a spot for a key?

I have quite a few more to activate and I’ll hopefully do that tomorrow.