New Hummie Hubs!

I’m only 70kg and the roads where I live are super smooth and super flat so I think I’ll take mine as they are and if I have any problems I’m happy to pay for you to mod (fingers crossed)

Do you have my address details?


I’ll message u today n we can figure it. But was just talking with someone else waiting. I know it’s been a long time and seemingly new obstacles show up, but this is it I believe.

My mini lathe sucks and when I was drilling bare hubs to practice before doing the done motors it was bending off from center. I’m returning it and getting some other lathe jaws that fit a bigger lathe I can use and get those shipped as soon as possible (I imagine one day from Amazon) and I’ll grind those to fit the motor around the bearing as described above and get it done this weekend. Done. If u want to wait. I would.

Reminder that while I had motors made before this is now a new design and I’m making them too so there were hitches that we’re going to show up. I’m just happy all the hitches are surmountable and the end product still rocks. I know it’s slow and I have your back guys. I want u to have what’s best and we’re not cutting corners here. Give me till this weekend and I look forward to saying done (again) and in a box n out the door


Sorry for the out of topic.:worried: If you get a bigger lathe, I suggest something along this size. 20181025_182736

Anything smaller and you are making lots of compromises


Lathes are the topic of the week! I have access to one even a bit bigger so should be fine


Ok, let’s give it till the weekend. I’m not 100% convinced slerm was being honest with his board, I think the has been trying to olly and jump of stuff judging from the tail of his deck!


@Powadangaboards an interesting theory…

Si you have a link?

He could be popping or standing on the tail and resting his whole weight on the rear truck. Ive been using hummie deck so my the weight is always distributed evenly.

This forum always cracks me up. If someone else didn’t experience an issue then clearly it was the other person doing something wrong/lying. Come on guys.

Why would I be trying to ollie a 20 lb skateboard? My ankles would hate me. I guess that’s why raptor axles are bending too? If there’s a kicktail people must be kickflipping down a 10-set, right? Totally logical thought process…

Yes, I pop the nose up to go over cracks, but also deload my weight almost entirely when doing so. That’s how you skate.

Take it for what you will. With that said, I’m off to skate a handrail with my esk8

For the record, Hummie sent me replacement hangers right away and I have had no issues since, despite that damn kicktail. Maybe it was a fluke, maybe not. Not trying to shit on the product here. Overall I am super impressed with the performance.


i was looking at the torque force-transfer on those axle threads…

(60 / (2 * pi * 73kv)) * 100a motor current = 13.08 Nm torque

13.08 newton meters torque (@ 100a motor current)

1000mm/6mm (1/2 of 12mm axle diameter)=166.66 force multiplication factor via leverage

13.08 newton meters (@ 100a motor current) * 166.66 force multiplication = 2179.91 newtons force to the threads

2179.91 newtons * 0.22lbs force per newton = 479.58lbs twisting force to the threads per motor (!! :woozy_face:)

479.58lbs twisting force to the threads per motor * 2 motors = 959.16lbs twisting force with 2 motors trying to twist the axle in the hanger

(about 9.59x more than the normal force per axle on flat ground with a 200lb load) = 200lbs / 4 wheels = 50lbs

50lbs < 479.58lbs


sorry if it got you the wrong idea. I was simply just stating that I don’t have a kicktail. Errr the fact is yours hanger bent and it could be a poor quality one or the wild steel . Personally I think they are strong the way they are right now, but hummie does have a solution to this potential issue. And it’s taking a bit longer than expected to fix. I’m gonna get it upgraded once he’s done with lathing the hubs for the EU batch too. That’s the perk of living near by I guess.

Not trying to bash on you bro, I have been skating for many of years and I have too broken many of bones and boards, bent plenty of axels on street sessions and on mini ramps. I have never managed to bend an axel on a longboard but then I have always had boards around 39-40 inches that have no kick. I am very tempted to have one truck with the fully threaded axel and one with out just for Testing and see if I have the same results.

Again apologies bro. Not trying to hate on you, just another skater who maybe typed a message to quick without reading it back before posting.


Mine is this one:

If you are in the US then the equivalent would be this:


Thanks I’ll look for one in mexico

As has already been mentioned, when it comes to lathes, the bigger the better. If you have the space you can probably find a bigger used lathe for less money than a new Chinese mini lathe. Of course when buying used,you have to be able to assess its condition, otherwise stick to new.


I haven’t followed much lately, where the project is now ? @Hummie are you still shipping motors ? International orders have started ?

@skatardude10 what happens if you add ~16Nm cyclical torque spread over the 3cm of the threading closest to the hanger (no unthreaded axle - a.k.a how things are now) vs 1 cm of threads closest to the hanger (w/ 2cm of axle unthreaded)?

(60 / (2 * pi * 73kv)) * 120a motor current = 15.69Nm

perhaps the torque and leverage forces would be transmitted via a ~83mm outer diameter nut w/ ~80mm depth, with the axle extending from a flat surface to simulate the motor being butted against the truck…


Good question, sounds like an interesting test. I’ll load it up and post the results later on tonight and let you know!


@skatardude10 what about a horizontal thrust force of ~85lbs?

( 15.69Nm wheel torque * 1000mm) / ((1/2) * 83mm wheel) = 378.07 newtons 378.07 newtons * 0.22lbs per newton = 84.99lbs

i count 4 major forces acting on the axle… the torque from the stator engaging through the threading, the thrust force, 1/4th the static weight of the ~200lb rider, dynamic forces such as from rolling over a pebble (which are partially absorbed by the tire)

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Been super busy lately prepping things to go out. By late tonight will be back to having like 12 sets done and another day or two another ten sets and that should be everyone. Long delays where I’m figuring out what to do or experimenting and after going through it deciding to send them as is and without the earlier mentioned alteration. So the risk is a bent axle but at least we then know the danger as apposed to doing the alteration myself and it’s uncharted territory again related to the torque forces on the axle as written just above.
So tonight the oven will be filled with bells :bell: stuffed with magnets that I finished last night and the pressure of my own words is kicking me.

In light of how long this has taken and my appreciation for all of you helping get this done and your long patience I have extra centrax wheels I’ll be throwing in(2) and extra motor tires (2) . I’m not trying to sell and make money but more so keep your support so we can get this to roll on Kickstarter and these just sit here anyway and had to buy in bulk

Tonight I’ll post up the photo of the many more done n we can go from there assuring addresses n shipping and another day or two n I’ll be finished putting magnets in the final bells and we can finish this.