New Kid on the Block: Hoyt St. Electric Skate

Well guys, perhaps some of you already know about this new esk8 manufacturer, but perhaps most don’t. So here it is, may I present: from Portland, Oregon… Hoyt St Electric Skate.


As of august 2018 Hoyt St is offering tree electric longboards: DV-8, SKINN and STARS models. All their designs are limited editions and will be seasonally updated with fresh graphics. Users can customize their finish with Skinn, choosing between bonded glass gripped or no-grip, pure bamboo options.

Among some of their most distinctive features are:

  • The unique Puck remote control which is engineered with proprietary and patented radio control technology for supreme connectivity.

  • Quick swap battery modules, a built-in battery protection system with Samsung INR 18650 25R lithium ion cells. High discharge cells encased in a protective dampening shell to withstand vibration and shock. Also meets FAA air travel regulations as a carry-on item.

  • Customized Dual Motors built in collaboration with a US brushless motor company, supplier for the US military. Each motor produces 2200 watts and is constructed with high-grade Japanese 0.2mm silicon steel laminatations and polyimide ultra-high temp (240C) windings.

  • Bamboo DuoDeck locally manufactured in Portland, Oregon with integrated rough-sawn and laminate construction with 100% bamboo. Designed with a sculpted concave and nose/tail drops. A subtle kicktail nestles the motors within 5mm of the truck’s baseplate.

  • Anodized CNC 6160 aluminum Motor Mounts designed with spring-loaded auto-belt tensioners and black alloy steel screws and motor pulley caps.

  • Zoobomb 97mm Urethane Wheels with stone ground 52mm contact patch. Tree versions in 85-90% rebound with 75A to 78A hardness.

Performance Specs:

Speed: 28 mph Range: 23 miles Grade: 30% Weight: 19.5 lbs Load: 220 lbs


Bamboo DuoDeck image

Customized Dual Motors image

Quick swap Batteries image

Anodized Aluminum Motor Mounts image

ZooBomb 97 mm Wheels image


Those mounts really look cool! This seems like a commercial non meepo board which is cool :slight_smile:

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Looking good! Specs and workmanship looking good too! 3 Packs of 10s1p 25r up to a 10s3p is clever.

We need to get this Deck seperatly i guess!

Always cool to see more players joining the game with some good stuff.

Is this yours @pixelsilva, a friend or something or did you just stumbled across?


A member in our local Baby Area Esk8 Group brought this up. Hope all you guys like It.


Great looking board.

Wonder what motors and what ESC is utilized?

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Motors I have seen in Taoboa for sure. Just without logo


Motors look like the Turnigy SK8 type.


Do the batteries connect and become one big battery or do you swap them one at a time? How do the batteries connect?

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For relevancy

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A company from my neck of the woods… Those mounts look great. Without precision-made everything is on this board I would have liked to see some of the Precision trucks. Think it’s funny they named the wheels zoobomb seeing no one gets to bomb it really anymore.


who in the fuck wants to buy a board with no grip :thinking:

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How much $?

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US duh! I would get laser cut grip and designs. With CF and Bamboo deck I want that material to show. Maybe just put some grip in the front and back? I also imagine our fellow butt boarder would appreciate not ripping up his pants.

That mount with the rounded edges are so nice.

On another note. Am I the only one that… for a split second see “Holy Shit” when I look at their logo?


Looks like pricing is on their website: link here

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Eugene local here! Would be fun to tour their shop next time I am in the Portland area.


Price $1999 dollars.

These guys are awesome. The boards are pretty sweet. Anyone in PDX should come skate with us. Group ride tonight. :slight_smile:


What part of town are you in @Skunk?

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