New member, new build help (18650)

hi guys im trying to put an electric skateboard together, and im getting ready to start ordering parts but before i do that i have a few questions

  1. im 200 lbs and i was wondering if 1 single SK3 -6364-245kv will be enough to push me and a 36inch long board to 20mph?

2.if that single motor doesnt, using 2 motors means 2 vesc???

  1. and 3rd and last one (for now) i own a Vape Shop and i have acces to a lot of different 18650 batteries the ones i use for my vapes are 3.7V 30A 3000mAh, how many of them and how would i have to use them (series, parallel) in order to get a range of 20 miles

I vape and use green samsung 25r’s, i’ve seen people here use those in their packs with good results.

Welcome @Pablo_702 !

Probably yes, the top speed depends on your gearing, wheel size, and riding conditions. I don’t recommend aiming for a high top speed. Instead focus on good torque and quality components. If you get anywhere near this speed you should wear full protective gear including a helmet, pads and maybe leathers.

-yes, 2 motors means you need 2 ESCs, or VESCs.

-Read through some of the battery build threads on this forum, search for 18650, 10s3p or 10s4p. You’d need between 30-40 to get that kind of range. That said, 20 mile range is somewhat impractical since you’ll likely exhaust your body before you can comfortably skate 20 miles :slight_smile:


You have to make sure the discharge rate can handle what the motor and ESC draw. A good target is 50A continuous total. A single 6364 should be able to get you around, though it may have some trouble up steeper hills, especially at 245kv. You may want to go sub 200kv (@10s) to get additional torque. Two motors does mean 2 ESC/VESCs and should help a lot with torque, though you’ll probably still want to go a bit lower than 245kv. Hitting 20mph should be no problem given adequate voltage and gearing.

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Noticed your 702 …you wouldn’t be in Vegas would you?

@Rob.Endless is right. The most common battery used right now is the Samsung 25R 18650. It has an internal fuse and a pressure vent, just in case. The gold standard.right now. You should check out some of the build threads. Search “18650” and check it out. Single motor could be fine, but you have to think about the gearing that you will be using as well as the terrain you will be using it on. Also, 2 motors will need 2 ESC or VESC. On the ESK8 calculator you can get a decent idea of how your build specs out. Here’s the ESK8 calculator that everyone loves.


What are you using that gets 3000mah and 30A

I don’t think he was talking about discharge rate, just saying 3000mah = 30A

But 3000mah=3A

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derp you’re right, perhaps typo then?

@delta_19 @Jinra It is probably a Sony VTC cell.

vtc5 cells are only 2600mah

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I saw a samsung cell with 30amp discharge the other day. Could it be that? EDIT: Looks like it could be. It is called the ICR18650-30A and it has 3ah.

I don’t mean to interrupt, but how is that Continuous 30-50A discharge calculated in a pack such as the Space Cell’s (10S3P) design? I don’t even want to get into C-ratings and all that as it’s more than my old brain can handle at the moment :frowning:

Each cell has 20amp continuous discharge and it is 3p which is 3 in parallel. 3x20amp = 60amp continuous. But I think they have a 50amp fuse so you can’t go above 50 amps which is kind of stupid since the cells can easily handle 60amp continuous.

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a lot of cells get warm at their max and will die faster if they are discharged at max current all the time. thats why people will at most run a battery at 75% of its max current. it doesnt get as hot and can last longer.


40A fuse actually. Fuses don’t actually blow at their rated ampere. It would have to exceed it for an amount of time to blow.

Also, the VESC is designed for 50a continuous, probably best to work before that for longevity

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I learnt something new. Thanks for the additions guys.

my Space Cell has a 30A fuse. Can I just swap it out for a 40-50A fuse? It’s just running a R-Spec 6355 at the moment but eventually I will run dual VESC and R-Spec 6355 motors. I have yet to blow the 30A fuse so just wondering. I have some LGABD or DBD pink 3000mAH cells, do you think it can handle my current single setup or even the dual? I don’t have any other specs on those cells but they all have about 90-100% of their capacity. I’m also planning on doing my first 18650 cheap cell pack if those cells can handle my load. I’m 170lb rider and my first e-board.

For a single maybe be better off with a 6374 192 kv and a 10s4p.