New, never used VESC 4.12 PCBs 10pcs left

Hey guys, I have 10pcs of VESC 4.12 sexy black :smiley: laying around and unfortunately not enough time to solder them. I ordered a bunch of them at the same time and soldered 2 only for my dual setup, they work for about a year now without any problems, therefore I am sure that these are going to work too! :slight_smile: I know this because they were manufactured at the same time. I offer them for 10€ per piece or 17€ for two plus shipping. I can ship them to you anywhere in the world the price of the shipping moves around 5€ or less depending on where you live. I am from central Europe, las time I sent a package it was 5€ for a under 100g package with 50€ insurance. Payments are received via paypal. If you have any general questions leave them here for others to see, If they are about something not general feel free to send me a PM. :slight_smile:

Here are some pictures of the VESCs. :slight_smile:

How much you spent for the components alone? Did you outsource the ‘‘pcb oven’’ or did it yourself?

hey! I did it myself, it is not as hard as people say it is, all you need is a soldering iron with a flat end tip also sometimes called chisel tip. It makes it way easier than with the pointy tip. If you want me to i can send you a video (i learned from it a lot when i was starting) where the guy explains soldering techniques, tips and tricks. :slight_smile: pcb oven or a reflow oven is not necessary if you are not making big amounts of PCBs it is just not worth it. And for the oven you would also need stencil and all of these little things add on and in the end it gets very expensive.

And the components were around 70€

Ok, thanks for educating on soldering techniques… It just seems that soldering these smd components… is a big pain in the A$$… especially the fets/chips, which have these pads under them, which also need to be soldered… perhaps it can be done with soldering iron too but I assume there needs to be some mastery to do that right…

Other method would be to just use hot air… that would be a bit cheaper/ simpler than using an oven, perhaps.

Price you mentioned seems adequate… looks like it is really hard to beat the price down with the components which are used in the making of vesc :slight_smile:

oh yeah I forgot, soldering the DRV is impossible without hot air because of the pad underneath that is needed for the drv to work, the fets are not hard you can solder them by just heating the piece of metal that sticks out of them on top, it is the pad essentially, with soldering iron on around 400 degrees C, not a lot more because that can damage them more easily. all the rest is easy just remember to start from the little resistors inbetween the mosfets, mosfets, cpu and drv and afterwards all the rest. Hope this helps

components are not really possible to get cheaper, mouser has a free shipping on orders over 50 euros so it might be the best choice if you want to make it your self.

yeah, I’ve heard of ‘‘ready to order list’’ - available lists of parts from mouser, where you basically have everything listed…

This might be an option, if the process gets automated a bit, I assume… other than hard to say how worthy it is to invest in a bit more better equipment to get the end result 20-40eur cheaper or so… though, this could probably go towards the skills which might be useful in the future, non the less :slight_smile: smd/pcb soldering.

The list is simply the BOM (bill of materials) on the github

yes i agree with that

Bump, selling for cheaper now! :slight_smile:

Hi. Do you still have any pcb left?

HI! yeah, I have about 4-5 left :slight_smile:

If possible could you solder the chips that require a hot air flow or oven? So I only need to do the soldering possible with a iron?

Sure i copuld. Which ones do you mean? CPU, DRV and mosfets? I tried soldering CPU and mosfets with soldering iron… it is possible the DRV is the only one that has pad on the underside. However i dont have those chips so it would add the cost of the parts plus shipping to the cost… But if that is not a problem for you i will solder them no problem there :slight_smile:

Could you give me the list of electronic components I needed for soldering.

Hey man! Im interested in two pcbs if you still got them?

Hello, @jeffin The BOM is on vedders github @TonyTrampoline Sure i have just two left… PM me if you are still interrested :slight_smile:

@Martinsp I’ll buy any you have left

Hello, sorry I dont have any :confused: I will order some because I am going to need some but I dont know when just yet… might be 2 months or even more. Sorry

If you wanna split it 5/5 I would order right now

Guys, I have plenty of PCB (VESC 4.12) left, planning to sell $3 each. Got too many for college skateboard club… We made 20 working VESCs from these PCB so these should be fully functional. We have parts left too. MOS,DRV,passives. If you guys want to buy some, please let me know!!!