New raptor 2.1 axle with integrated copper heat pipe

What do you guys think? They look like they’re gonna snap after a few meters.


It’s Enertion man…what could possibly go wrong?


raptor 2.1 - now 2x cooler and deadlier


Well said… :rofl:

Even if they use a 10mm axle, with so much material removed and an open side I’d bet the integrity would be reduced substantially… maybe even worse than an 8mm axle.

You’ve really done it now. Opening this can of worms. Just popping down the shops to grab some beers and popcorn then settle back to enjoy the show.


Sorry had to do it :sweat_smile:

Oh shit @onloop is typing I didn’t mean anything i swear it was just a joke I love enertion


I’m scared he has been typing for a long time please don’t roast me


of course he is you fool what did you expect lol


From the 1000 Raptor 2 made we have had less than 10 reports of snapped axles, most recently these are related to problems with assembly (watch our next china video that’s being released soon as it goes into full detail).

The first axles where 8mm, current version is 10mm, Our new upgraded axles are 15mm diameter. So we expect to see failure rates below 1%


Wow 15mm, that’s a first I think for esk8, I still wouldn’t trust them though.

My raptor 2’s hanger already gets really hot after a ride which means heat is being sucked out of the motor, I doubt this new one will have significant increase in heat sucking performance, maybe a little. But I’m no heat sucking expert, hope u guys have stats to share

12 whole meters?


Not sure its a good idea tbh. Its not so much that they will snap its that people will think they will and no amount of reassurance will change that concept. Need to be fully confident in the mechanics when travelling at 50k’s plus.

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Agreed. The moment you lose trust in a part of your board, it’s exceedingly difficult to regain that trust. Especially if that moment led to injury of some sort. It took me a long time to trust my mini remote, as I had several crashes when using the nunchuck due to cutouts.

Now, if the new axle was a solid 15mm heat treated axle, then I don’t think there would be any doubt in the strength.

We offer a 12 month board replacement warranty, you can also upgrade that to 24 months.


I don’t think that people are worried about the warranty. I think that they’re worried about an axle snap at 50km/h killing them


That doesn’t work if the axle breaks and the rider flies into traffic and gets hospitalized. I had my raptor 2 motors lock up twice and I flew into 2 cars. No serious injuries just some road rash.

But credit where credit’s due the warranty is good, I got 200 aud credits for my troubles and I’ve put that into a 2nd year of warranty.


Good warranty that be honest better than most and I myself have been well looked after by you guys but the point is trying to sell a hollow core axle will be a difficult job even for you my friend. Hopefully its all good and does the job of heat dissipation prevalent with high powered hubs but until its been tested and tested and tested people will be dubious with good reason. 10 out of a 1000 is too many if it involves a street face incident.


Thanks for your feedback,

We actually have a warning inside the Raptor box saying that you could be seriously injured or killed riding the board. People still ride it though.

We take safety very seriously and take all precautions to make sure the product is solid.


probably due to heat issues ironically