New Single Build for my Brother

Hey guys,

I am looking into making a new board for my brother. Haven’t decided on decks and wheels etc yet but starting with the electronics:

Thinking to make a 6s2p or would 3p be better? He wanted it to be as light as possible… Are those cells good?

Would a 60a bms like this one be sufficient?

Thinking to go with a 245kv motor like this one

What are your thoughts on this setup?

I have this motor with a 6s2p battery and am very happy. Depending on your gearing of choice, you can either get better startup torque or higher topspeed. I get up to 35kmh with 15t / 36t and 76mm wheels.

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did you build the 6s2p yourself?

Would you say that the batteries I chose are good for 6s2p? They can discharge at 20A so that’d give me 40A but the motor is 70A … ?

what BMS do you have with it?

Hey @Namasaki why do you think a 6s2p Li-ion isn’t good for esk8ing?

I would suggest maybe a 3p just for some head room. Is it flat where you live? if so 2p should be ok. If you go with the 2p I would suggest a 40/45amp bms that way it will cut the load if you draw too much current and it won’t ruin the cells.

He lives in Hamburg so pretty much flat all along. But i don’t want it to have a big voltage sag etc … so might go with 3p i guess. What BMS do you suggest for 6s3p?

What do you mean “cut the load”? If i draw more than the bms can handle- won’t it just fry my bms?

Go with 3p definetly, my 6s2p sags almost 40% after a nice Hill :joy:

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Most will cut the load I think or maybe they do just fry I’m not sure. I got the impression that they would stop the current from flowing and blowing up other things. With the 3p it will be rated at 60amps from your batts so the first bms you were going to get will be good

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No,I just hooked up two Zippy Flightmax 3s1p 5Ah 20c in series.

Maybe this BMS is something? I have the same 10s in order

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Are you planning on using a VESC? If so go with a lower kV motor and a 10S2P. It’s only 2 cells more than a 6S3P and you’d have significantly more power. Plus your VESC would stay cooler.

Also you probably won’t need a motor that big for the kind of power you’re looking for. A 6354 would be fine if you wanted to save some weight.

Also most people reccomend Samsung 30Qs over 25Rs since they preform better despite their rating.

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yes ill use the focbox

it has a switch with it? i was planing on using an anti spark … can i just ignore the switch? also: is 50a discharge enough? :slight_smile:

Would it voltage sag more or less than a 6s3p?

Whats the ultimate kV if id go with 10s?

50a isn’t enough, go for 60a plus or bypass discharge

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Low voltage like 6s is gonna mean higher current pulled from the battery. And to only have a 2p is going to compound the problem.

Fair enough … What would you say is a good setup for a lightweight, low speed but occasional burst? He just needs to get from A to B on mostly flat ground and i don’t want it to sag or anything like that. quality is a must