New t-shirts coming! oh, and a ** T-SHIRT DESIGN CONTEST **

Soooo… my site says i sell fine electric skateboards parts and apparel. HOWEVER, the apparel part has been a bit… well absent… much like the focboxes… and a few other items i recently sold out of and have to wait until Chinese holiday is finished to get…

Well no more! The first two t-shirts that will be a regular staple of my shop are here.

also i’m hoping to be able to have the custom board customers be able to take their pick of which shirt they want with their order.

These will be available in M, L, and XL. I decided against small ones for now, but i’d like to have that size available for petite ladies, smaller dudes and teenagers. But for now, i had to get the most common sizes among my typical customer base.

longhairedboy winged logo shirt chest logo-modelLHB-uphill-skaters-sign-001-model

No, that’s not me modelling, that’s just Generic Man doing his thing. When i do actually get the shirts though, i promise to do a whole bunch of model shots in ridiculous, possibly even borderline inappropriate poses that will make you giggle so hard you forgot you can’t afford any of my stuff at the moment.

All of that being said, I’m about to do something i’ll probably regret.

I want a third design, and I want you guys to come up with it.

I know a lot of you have illustrator experience, or at least know how to quickly meme some shit up. You’ve sen my dumbshit waste posts, so you know what i think is funny.

So surprise me here and come up with some awesome shit worth putting on a shirt and the winner will not only get credit in the store, but two of them in the sizes of their choice. That’s one for you and your sidekick!


Winner is by vote of likes.

One contest entry per person

This thread will close once the contest is complete by 4pm EST on Friday next week.

Lastly, here’s an illustrator file of things i use in some of my artwork for the booklets i’m working on. These also made an appearance in the transmutation circle i drew a while back. Feel free to use them if you like.


I DO NOT wanna see a pic of you pissing off a board…unless it’s going uphill into the wind :grinning:



@banjaxxed lol everything on that shirt is true.

I just updated the rules and also made available some design assets i use in other things that are related to this.


Since cheating is allowed here’s my other submissions


I do drawing and shit… quick pencil sketch

A commission i did for a Youtuber…

I may enter the comp, i like taking my time tho and no doubt someone will have better work than me but if i find some free time i may take a swing at it.


@banjaxxed LOL are you just rounding up shirts off the internet? I had no idea there was an LHB brewery company, but now i have to drink some of their beer.

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@longhairedboy I want the red one…in blue or red lol… medium gotta signal my long haired skateboardyness while longboarding with my long hair.

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you guys… i love you too leo.

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Errrrm it’s a form of flattery? Yes I gues so, but just setting out my stall in case someone Google reverse images me.

There is a LHB beers for sure, but like all things never trust someone who crafts something with their left hand…smirk

too much?


I think we’re starting to get there! lol

here we go…

Because your deserve your royalty status :rofl:


Don’t make me come up there.


Well… In fact I wish you come up here, It could be a nice weekend


Hey if you want, I can bring these into illustrator and do my magic for you. Been doing that a lot lately for my friends who are all talented doodleists.

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@longhairedboy I hope your Mom approve :wink: (@psychotiller)


You son of a bitch!!!


I liked it! Hilarious!:smile_cat: