New to making a DIY electric skateboard, need help finding the best parts for the budget

Hi, I’m new to creating a DIY electric skateboard. I don’t really have a humongous amount of cash but looking for the best parts for a good price. Currently I found a motor (HGLTECH) not sure if that’s a good brand or not, a (Generic) pulley kit, not sure what the gear ratio is. Currently looking for a battery, I’ve seen the 10s3P is a good choice but it’s very expensive. Trying to find a battery that’s cheap but very good quality (help will be appreciated), I’m trying to have a target speed of 25 mph and a good mileage, also looking for a ESC that can handle the voltage of the battery and won’t short out. Later on after the board is built I would be upgrading the components. Any suggestions will be amazing, this kind of stuff intrigues me and I’m looking forward to getting into it

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I suggest you go with Flipsky for motors, looks the same as HGLTECH but is battle hardened and well used on esk8s.

How far do you hope to go on your Battery pack? Or how much are you looking to spend on it?

Also what country are you located? As Battery shipping rules mean it’s better to buy local and there are many people out there building custom packs at reasonable prices.

Ok, yea I saw flipsky, wasn’t sure if that was a good brand or not. Was looking for the ones with the best reviews, the HGLTECH had like 4.8 out of 5 stars, I recently found a 50v 12s2p battery for $167.00 that had BMS and comes with a charger so I wouldn’t need to take the battery out to charge it. Currently looking for a VESC or ESC, doing as much research as I can but I will take suggestions, my target mileage is a maximum of 10 or higher, that’s what I’m trying to aim for. I live in Illinois so shipping is fairly easy to get

I think the HGLTECH is just Flipsky products focused for watersports, their website lists very similar. I recommend you go straight to them, the new Battle hardened 6374s the new case design looks nicer as there’s no sharp edges at the back of the motor.

People have lots to say about Flipsky, I think they are decent quality Motors and ESCs, on the low end of the price range. That said, the ESCs are super expensive right now (probably due to the electronics crisis). So either grab a deal from someone that hasn’t hiked the price, or go for a Stormcore or Focbox ESC.

I think you might need a bit more than 12S2P if you plan to have a dual motor setup going 10+ miles. Although depends which cells it is using.

As a guide for getting going, 10S minimum to 12S maximum. More gives you more power (and speed), since you need a charger, better to stick to one voltage for all your packs.

You will need enough parallel cells to handle the current you want, 3P+ recommended, even more if they are low current cells.

You could talk to this man, he would likely quote you a pack built

I was going for a single motor setup. Since I really don’t have much money to spare, later on for sure I’ll be upgrading to a duel motor. My easiest bet is to get a flipsky motor on Amazon, which where I’ve been saving up for a while. For a VESC I’m trying to find the best quality for the best price, I might upgrade to a focbox later on depending how good the VESC is and how long it can last. For the battery i don’t know, I’m deciding the one I previously said but then again I’m very new to this stuff so the best option I will take, I’ll send screenshots of the products I’m looking at, if you know a better alternative please let me know

Here are the photos

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Yeah my bad, I’ve been riding in the woods on inflatable tires for too long. 10S2P is enough for around 10miles on-road.

It maybe worth the extra $10 for the upgraded motors if they come back into stock ‘soon’, as there’s no need to upgrade it for your future setups.

If you’re on a budget a Flipsky 4.4 ESC and their VX1 remote is about as cheap as you can get.

Some of the reviews of ArmesEV aren’t very nice, they don’t look to be using proper insulation and taking care to ensure shorts cannot easily happen, so I wouldn’t recommend you do this. Your battery needs to be high-quality, even if it is only temporary.

Try out this guy, he makes high quality packs:

Do the upgraded motor 121$ flip sky motor?, reason why I ask is because prime day is coming tomorrow, so means everything is cheaper I guess that is prime. For the ESC, does it come with a Bluetooth module? I was planning to get a app so I can track how far the board can go and it’s max speed and I read you can connect the module to your phone and track the stuff as you ride in case something overheats. For the battery I’ll look into the company more, since it’s my first time. How do I make a quote, it’s funny how I’m a 19 year old and still have no idea how to do that lmao. I appreciate your help so far

As I was typing this I came across a ESC, how’s this one?

If you want a cheap ESC to get your wheels rolling it’ll certainly do the job. not sure Amazon’s protection plan will cover it for the sort of things you may do to it :wink: .

You’ll get slightly better performance/durability if you don’t get the mini one.

Looks like Amazon aren’t doing cheap flipsky remotes for you today, but there’s some other $30 ones that should work

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So go my best bet is to go for the 95$ one? Honestly I have so many cards that I recently redeemed on Amazon so this is a good time to just use the credits, I’ll look for a remote and I’m sure it comes with a receiver

Those two are the same thing. One is in a Metal Box, you don’t need the box it just helps heat dissipation.

Which remote you leaning towards?

So they’ll both run properly?, again I wanna make sure that I get the bang for the buck and it lasts till I’m ready to upgrade but I was looking around for remotes and stumbled across this one, you can connect any receiver to a ESC or does it have to be specific kind. Lastly I need a battery, am I missing anything else?

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A LoopKey (or AntiSpark) so you can turn it on/off easily is a good idea. Since you’re on budget you’ll probably want to make a loopkey.

Some cable

A skateboard

Motor mounts

A Helmet

Couldn’t I get like a power button, I got no clue how to solder, also I’ll be making the deck myself, been making decks for a year now so it’ll be easier to make it and customize it

This is the best way to have a switch, you just need to connect this between your battery and ESC.

A deck maker huh, love to see your style if you have some pics.

Are you doing something clever to enclose your electronics in this deck? I’m currently building my first bit of fibreglass for an enclosure.

Ok, cool! Didn’t know you can do that, makes it so much more easier, I’ve made a decent amount in last year but this one is my favorite, this was taken when I first started building them (I also made the graphic as well

For the battery, should I aim for a 12s, either at a good company because your right, the battery has to be high quality if I want it to last and not have any issues, for the enclosure I’m still thinking of ways, if the battery can be charged and I would cut a charge port so I wouldn’t have to take the enclosure off everytime I want to charge the board, make it quick and easy. For sure I will have to come up with a design for the enclosure I want it to do it’s job of protecting everything in there and still look slim so it flows with the board correctly

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That’s cool, good work.

If your electric deck is going to be that short, then you may want to stick to a 10S-2P pack, but that will give you around 10 miles max I expect.

Just think about cell count, and size you have. The extra 4 cells could make it an issue in packaging under the deck, also 20% heavier too, and goes 20% further also.

You have a choice of 18650 (18x65) or 21700 cells (21x70). The extra space and cost for the larger ones directly relates to their range, so if you can fit a 10S-2P in 21700, that will go much further than a 12S-2P, but also be larger and heavier too.

I suggest you plan and work out the exact size you have for a battery to keep it looking sleek on the board. Then contact one of the many battery builders that have been heavily vetted by the es8 community and proven to be making quality products.

It’s not gonna be that deck, I’m planning on making a longboard. For the battery, do some battery builders include chargers within the battery so you can charge it easily? That’s the one thing I’m looking for to make it very simple

Also, what kind of battery would you recommend? And what person should I go for to make the battery