New Vedder SparcProtectionSwitch 1.3 for Sale! Lowest Price from 28.-€! Free shipping worldwide!

We have made a new version from Vedder´s Sparc Protection Switch 1.3 The Cable from the switch was connected to the Spark wit a JST connector. We have made the the solder pads bigger, so you can soldering 2 AWG12 cable for dual systems. We can sending the Antispark world wide. The sipping cost was included. The Antispark came with Fuse Holder including 40A Fuse and the Switch. The Antispark Switch cost including Shipping with tracking number



looks nice, do you have a link?

You can order the Antispark under For the Antispark, we have free shipping world wide. At the time was the old Pictures online but you became the new version.

Can we use 12v Led Switch that have 4 pins?

What size of enclosure opening does this on/off switch require? 140mm or 100mm?

Or 14mm or 10mm lol

The Switch was 14mm

When your Switch was on/on Switch and the 4 Pin was for 12v for LED you must bringing the Output Volt down to 12V with resistor. Than can you using the Switch.

Those switches look real nice. Can it accept a higher rated fuse? I’m running regular 12s car esc’s and sometimes see up to 60 amps peak in my street boards and even higher in my AT board.

I running my Trampa with 10S but with dual VESC, i have not found bigger Fuse than 40A, but i think 50-60A was not problem. You can buy min middle and big Fuse the big going up to 80A Benjamin have say the Switch can working higher A than 40A. But I have not tried it yet.

I have make on the Homepage two options, you can now order the SparcProtectionSwitch without Fuse Holder and Switch. Then was the Price a little lower.

Man, I mean, Can I use one switch like this one?

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I tried to order this one without switch but webpage says that’s not possible. So I have to order without switch and fuse holder or with them?

No you must use one on/on Switch and this was a on/off switch

Sorry for the mistake i forgot one Option, you can now order the SparcProtection with ore without Switch and Fuse Holder.

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You can have the SparcProtectionSwitch with 2 Fuse Holder. This was the second version, that you can take the Fuse outside from the Battery Box.

Hey :slight_smile: ! Müssen die switches eig. für bestimmte Amp, Spannung ausgelegt sein ? Oder kann ich jeden nehmen ?(Mit widerstand zwischengeschaltet)

Wichtig ist beim Schalter, dass es On/On ist kein on/off

Sorry, habe ich vergessen dazu zu schreiben, die on/on Schalter die ich benutze sind für 230V aber die Spannung von dem Schalter ist nicht relevant. Viel wichtiger ist die on/on Schaltung