New VESC from China. Seems like not only Maytech is making VESC's now

So how do you use the power switch with both FSESCs hooked up in a parallel configuration?

For those of you have ordered direct from FlipSky, how long did shipping take? Additionally, has anyone used more recent revisions of the FSESC6.6? Reliable? I think if I can’t get a pair of ESCape’s I’ll get these since the price is right and they seem to be of good quality.

I would also like to know about this. Thinking of getting 2 of these for my MTB build

to my knowledge shipping mostly depends on which carrier you choose, see some of the early posts on this thread you’ll find some reviews on Flipsky

I mean obviously. But I’ve never heard of either option: 美国联邮通挂号(GP) (USPLGH) and 4PX. The first translates as “US Unicom Post” or “The post registered through the United States” which I can only assume means USPS ePacket or some form of registered mail. 4PX is new to me.

And I was just wondering if anyone had any more recent FSESC6.6’s to compare to earlier ones as they have said they are still working on improvements.

You can make 2 switch wires out and parallel connect them to one power button.

4PX does sound confusing as it is … I guess you can just contact flipsky and ask if they can ship with more reliable carrier like DHL or FedEx , casue people keep saying they’re very responsive (see earlier posts) and for recent review, probably just search Flipsky and you’ll get tons of posts about them (which i just did)…hope you can find something useful

does anybody know something about flipskys hub motors?since i am thinking about buying 2 FSESCs so maybe i could/would order the motors too.

Dual FSESC6 will be available on August 8th, what the functions and price it will be? 37933237_227519014757235_7631616526566555648_o

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Looks like just 2 vescs on the same pcb

What happens when one poops itself? Does the other go down too, or are you then left with one oversized vesc

No! if one broken, the other works also, you can contact they for help or send it back for repair.

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Flipsky posted this for the dual fsesc

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do we still have to use a canbus wire to connect the two even though they are on the same pcb?

I doubt so about that. But it depends if the manufacturer did the bringing on the circuit board

I just checked the website. CAN BUS done internally. very cool. Interested in seeing how people like it

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I thought a dual would be cheaper than this. Even at $300, it’s still just barely cheaper than buying two singles which don’t carry the same risks if one gets fried.

unity pricing will be ultimate deciding factor. leaning towards unity based on established relationship


Still cheaper than any Dual VESC 6 with a switch out there.

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I don’t think there is any dual VESC 6’s besides this one.

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