New VESC from China. Seems like not only Maytech is making VESC's now


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Lol, touche`.

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I ordered 2pcs of the 6.6 and chose express shipping, my order status will show “Unfulfilled” for 3 days and followed by an email for tracking number directed to DHL. Turns out the courier was incorrect as DHL keeps getting error. I emailed Flipsky and after 2 days I gets another email for shipping update with the same tracking number but different courtier “Airpak”. Again tracking number didn’t work so I emailed again and was advised that tracking information will not be available until package reached my country “Singapore” then tracking info will be available. All in all, it took 11days. Hope this is helpful.

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Not need CAN BUS anymore, Dual have a button there to set Dual or single, :hugs:

all the prebuilt boards on your website, are they using flipsky vesc or cheaper esc?

I was looking at their details and I’m pretty sure they don’t use their VESC’s…

it seems very dodgy if that’s the case. vesc-based esc is one of the more robust esc in the market. but they arent even using their own produced fsesc on their line of esk8 just seems very weird.

Actually I’m positive they don’t use their own VESC’s, which yes, I find to be quite odd given how much they’re promoting them.

So how do I know this. Well I went through every single boards details and not one of them mentioned their speed controller, except for their cheapest one, which had this picture in the details.


Seems like if they wanted to really promote these boards, they’d at least offer the option to upgrade to one. Hell, even the cheapest one should be offered as an option to get people real world use of these and in turn maybe some good reviews about how their VESC’s really make the ride better or something… Lol, I dunno, I just think that’s really odd. Also, if they’re using these cheap ESC’s, why not also offer them for sale?

chill boy, did you try FlipSky ESC before?

No, I intend to though. I’m not bad mouthing them or anything, and if it comes across that way that’s not my intention. I just think for a company that is really going all in on their VESC’s marketing, especially for the Esk8 community, it’s rather odd that they don’t run any of their VESC’s, or even offer an upgrade option. That’s all. Not saying their boards aren’t good or their VESC’s aren’t good. I’ve heard great things about their VESC’s actually and intend on getting at least a few, probably four for a AWD setup. I think it’s pretty awesome that flipsky has asked our opinions on things regarding their VESC’s and they’ve actually implemented some things, so they definitely listen to their customers which is awesome! One of the reasons I’ll be buying a bunch :slight_smile:

sounds fair enough, maybe flipsky has been planning something else , we heard a lot about FlipSky ESC, but ever heard of Flipsky electric skateboard ?

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Sup, i take one today. When its will arrive, i wanna try to make video review on eng ( im from rus). So now i should wait 8/8/18) . I can compare that with CHINA ESC and with maytech vesc 4.


They are competing against others offering similar hardware at a very low price. A vesc version would not just require a different esc, but also enclosures and packs. They would compete against the best non-diy has to offer with prices to match, high-end is a much smaller market segment.

What app is this, please ? Works on Android ?

How is the ESk8 scene in Russia?

Oh. good question. Thats have a positive dynamic in russia. Community is not so big, i can talk we a first generation now in ESk8. But, people have big interest for electric skateboard. But esk8 lose to electric scooters.

We have a only 1-3 DIY board project based on trampa board in russia. Don’t have many big and good project. One of the reason - its money currency. We have some political problem, and sanction )) And for many ppl thats idea looks so expensive) but any way, we have guys who made good esk8 without big budget) Chinese ESC (like a meepo esc) so popular in russia) That product good way for growth ESK8 community in my country) I some times meets ppl who have esk8 from BB,Evolve but its so rare riders)

Finished dual FSESC6.6 pic, pre-order promation have 1 day left. Any suggets here for Dual FSESC6.6? DSC03314-1_1800x1800


first real benefit I see of these - no chance of one being powered on the other off :slight_smile:

Yes, really, Dual internal CAN BUS circuit connection, you can push button to choose single or dual.

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what’s the housing look like?