New VESC from China. Seems like not only Maytech is making VESC's now

Sorry, Dual casing not come out yet.

I think it has like a dual heat sink setup, like in the single version with only the heat sink.

We need feedback here to judge if it’s necessary for dual casing, and hope can get suggestions for our Dual case, a great news, several new items will be available this month, like big current ESC6.6 and Dual ESC4.12, so any guess?

Hi @BarbaraZ, tried messaging on your website for delivery costs to uk yesterday morning and got no response, any idea on 2 6374 motors with a dual 6.6 to the uk?

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Sorry not reply you on time, we have reply you on our website, maybe you not see that messenge, different shipping have different cost, by DHL coste is $22.6, by mail cost $11.4.

Sorry to hijack the thread further, but @BarbaraZ you mention a dual 4.12? Any ideas of release date/pricing? - I just can’t justify 350USD for the dual 6.6. Many thanks

Apologize for Cancel Dual FSESC6.6 Project Due to MP difficulty for tower design PCBA and the pre-sale effect is not so good. We decide to cancel Dual FSESC6.6 Project. Sincerely apologize to those who pre-ordered customers

Here is our compensation solution for your choose: A.Replace our new upgraded dual FSESC6 180A to you, but the shipping date is postponed to 24th August. B.Send you 2pcs FSESC6.6 with aluminum case and 1pc Can bus cable and 1pc remote controller.Total value 411.2USD C.Replace our new dual FSESC4.12 100A(MSRP: 159USD),and refund the rest payment(141USD). Or replace 2pcs FSESC4.12 100A . The shipping date is 16th/August D.Full payment refund

Our member will contact you! Sincerely, Flipsky Team image


Sorry to tell you the dual ESC6.6 stop sale now, but the dual ESC4.12 price is 159usd available 16th/August 50amp continue, sorry for this inconvenience for all who keep interested in dual ESC6.6,

Hey man, where you live? I‘m from saint p. Can confirm that there way much more e-scooter as they a bit more flexible on crowed streets and way much more cheap. I have a longboard shop close to my house, they sell evolve boards but honestly I have seen only one guy once driving with a old single drive evolve. If i‘m on the road everybody ask what it is, how it‘s called, what’s the price and I guess i‘m already in a lot of insta story’s :sweat_smile:really get filmed every single time i‘m out for a ride.

And one technical question, how you get access to the forum? I need to use a vpn client as it’s blocked if I try to acces via russian server

LMAO, im from Saint.P :grinning: I saw 2 guys. One on evolve one on BB in Saint.P) Yeah , they watch like they see Marty Mcfly on hoverboard :joy: Man, u dont have a problem with access. Just so slow work on 4g network (megafon) when i use it on my iphone)

U have a trampa board? U can find me in VK. /justixboy

I guess I was the guy on BB😅Black helmet than it was me… It’s my board to train and back. Had a trampa till i fired it up two weeks ago or so🙈 Now i‘m In vacation but waiting also for new parts for my next build… Unfortunately my BB battery give up too in the same time and the support is horrible…they don’t want to give me warranty as I live in Russia… When i‘m back on the board we could go for a ride if you interested. Unfortunately i‘m not active on vkontakte.

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Do u have IG or facebook? Yea, i guess we can. But now i waiting my vesc 4 ( from repair) and new belts. Actually i pre order this dual vesc 6 for upgrade, but now need waiting new version of this product)

Yeah, maybe it was u, but u was so far and so fast ( i was without board) . Maybe not u idk. It was on Krestovsky island at summer 2017

What is the size of the dual FSESC4.12 100A and can it run 12s FOC?

The size is 76/44/19mm, yes, dual ESC4.12 can run 12s, don’t worry.:grinning:

@BarbaraZ 76x44x19 is only slightly bigger than your single 4.12? It hardly seems doable, do you have any images of the new dual?

Also, will it have integrated antispark/switch as per the dual 6.6? - for a $10 saving over 2x single 4.12 it would need something more to entice people I would have thought

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Yes, layout optimization make Dual ESC4.12 much smaller than 2 single, we hope users love this design, for anti spark, according to many feedback from users, we canceled anti spark in Dual ESC4.12, hope not affect a lot, thank you for your suggestions. below is the pic of dual. image


No internal can bus? That was one of the things I really liked about dual fsesc 6.6

Dual 4.12 internal CAN BUS circuit connection, push button to choose single or dual, just like Dual FSESC6.6

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@BarbaraZ I’m guessing that it’s the pcb that is 76x44, as overall it is much closer to square, looks good though.

I think that dropping the anti spark/on:off button is a mistake, as most would prefer two seperate units it seems (one burns out, only need to replace one) and this dual is more or less the same overall size as two seperate units anyway…

Wouldn’t you rather have the actual Antispark between your ESC and Battery as opposed to on it? For the former, it’s only a matter of replacing one pluggable upgradable part, for the latter , if that switch breaks…