NEW: VESC PLATINUM - 1yr Replacement Warranty inc


What is the VESC PLATINUM?

  • Made with the highest quality PCB & Components
  • Made in USA under strict quality control processes
  • Built with state of the art Pick & Place Machines
  • Free World Wide Shipping - From US Warehouse Facility (EU warehouse under negotiation)
  • 1 Year Immediate Replacement Warranty - New VESC Shipped to your door.
  • Will always be in stock & ready for immediate shipment (after we dispatch our backlog of over 700 orders from last few months)


Upgrade to the VESC PLATINUM NOW!

Limited offer! Buy “Immediate Replacement” 1yr Warranty Upgrade Package NOW


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Just saw your VESC video and the image of your “factory” is the “Center for Advanced Energy Studies” building of the university of Idaho. I doubt they are manufacturing your VESC, so this is not cool to use.

Edit: Reverse google image search ftw :wink:


which VESC video?

This one

So is the new VESC now more expensive than the previous enertion VESC? I don’t remember it costing $179.

Hi Jason,

So if the platinium uses higher grade components that the normal grade VESC, can you elaborate in more detail on which component the cost is cut in the normal grade VESC ? I thought that all Enertion VESC were not assembled in the USA. So what is the difference in the assembly process between the platinum and the regular VESC ?

In brief, what are the differences between regular and platinum ?

only the 1year replacement warranty is added - that is why you can add the warranty to an “old” VESC which will basically give you a “platinum” one. It is just branding not special components or anything.

Oh really ? Ok, I get it !

the “old” one is still on the website. It is just the added warranty that makes the VESC a platinum VESC.

Although I have to say that such a warranty really does sound nice to have and the price is fair if you tinker with it a lot.

but looks like the branding is top notch when people get excited and assume better materials :wink:

What I meant was that the VESC one month ago was $139 and now it is $179. Is that due to better components and the new manufacturer?


NEW VESC - Every single onboard component is purchased from US-based suppliers. OLD VESC - Most Components sourced in china, except a few parts that cannot easily be sourced that came from US

NEW VESC - Made in USA OLD VESC - Made in china

NEW VESC - 1 Yr Replacement Warranty (platinum version) OLD VESC- 60day warranty

NEW VESC - Made to IPC A-610 Class 2 Standards OLD VESC - Fuck knows - china standards

NEW VESC - sexy black matte high quality PCBs OLD VESC - Shitty looking PCBS made in china

We are only selling one type of VESC from now on, they are all made in US.

Option 1: No 1 yr replacement warranty ($129USD) Option 2: “Platinum” Comes with 1 yr replacement warranty ($159USD)

So for $30USD you get a 1yr replacement warranty.

What does that mean? If your VESC fucks up you get a new one shipped to your door immediately. Some basic evidence will be required. Like a screen shot of an error code, or some kind of photo showing melted parts etc.


Nice work Sherlock.

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I ordered two a month ago and it was like 90€ each - so not sure what you are talking about with the 139USD.

Please consider the fact that i am in Australia, my prices are actually listed in AUD, so currency fluctuations make the prices change…

They were $139USD (€90) a month ago and are now $179USD.

No, only if you buy the platinum with extra warranty.

Seriously did anyone read the post.

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well it always said “HURRY SALE ENDS SOON” so I guess that is the reason. for me that is the price in AUD not USD

We all read the post mate.

they were $99USD (sales price since they were being manufactured & not shipping)

now they are $129USD - Shipping has begun so I have increased the price to the normal level.

or Platinum is $159USD - Cost more because it has better warranty