Newbie here - does all this gear check out?

Hello! I’m building my first e-longboard; I have lots of experience with small-scale electronics (Arduino etc) but never worked with big LiPos or BLDC motors. Planning some really cool and complex aspects to this, but I’m starting with the basics and was wondering if I could get some reassurance before I pull the trigger on this expensive stuff!

Here’s what I’ve already bought:

12S Dual DD motors -

12S Dual VESC (I think? Or VESC Equivalent?) -

And here’s the battery stuff I’m considering:

2 of these 6S 5Ah 40C LiPos which I’ll put in series to get 12S -

Dual 200W balance charger -

2 of these 6S voltage monitors -

Simple 2.4G remote and PWM receiver -

And a LiPo bag just because it seems like a good precaution to take -

This seems legit to me, anything look glaringly out of place to you e-sk8 vets out there?

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Id swap esc for unity.

What’s your reason on that? I found a good deal on the Flipsky so I’d rather not spend more than I have to if it’s just preference

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Definitely not just preference. Quality. And 30 bucks shouldn’t make or break your build. And You’re trying to go 12s. 4.xx hardware and 12s is not a good idea.

Dang, wish I’d found this place before jumping the gun to get that since it’s no longer returnable :sweat_smile: I’ll look into the Focbox… $30 certainly isn’t a problem but $200 might set me back a bit :confused: Other than that does everything else look good?

Deck? Enclosure? Helmet @b264

That’s where the cool complex stuff comes in, I’m working on a folding design for the deck/enclosure - I’ll do that later down the road (and of course helmet is a must, I do skate). For now I’m just trying to get these motors spinning as well as I can, without blowing anything up lol (might slap it on an old board and take it around the block as a test, but not much more - this is mainly R&D right now)

You’ll still need an enclosure for that.

I imagine a little cardboard and duct tape would do the trick for testing, or maybe a small storage bin. I’ll design and 3D print something if I wanna actually use it regularly

@OleksiiF OleksiiF had similar items


  1. I had lipos in my build for several years, it can deliver high A, but it had to be constantly maintained well, and im a bit scared after all these years. next battery ill make with 21700 batteries. please check if you need lipos, they are a bit specific. i always had to change it separately and now wish to have simple plug-in charger like for notebook. and after 2 years they became a bit “puffed”(just a bit) and i had to tighten them with aluminium plates. but its not recommended, “puffed” ones considered to be and the end of lifetime. it cannot stay fully charged or discharged more than a week as it will degrade faster and cam became “puffed”. if you want more details, PM me - i use it for more than 4 years in esk8 and have thoughts to share
  2. I had similar remote but it called “nano”, it had other reciever. and i did not liked it. this had perfect form-factor, but i experienced signal drops and overall weak signal. maybe as its a bit different remote it might be good, i think you may want to ask someone who has it if its good. i had to switch to mini remote (a bit ugly) and signal was perfect and reliable

That’s fair, I am doing things a bit out of order. Lemmie essplain:

  • First of all I’ve been skating casually most of my life so I do have a helmet and am generally careful. I always ease slowly into things, but I do tend to push limits when I get comfortable.
  • Ultimately I’m planning to design and build the deck and enclosure from scratch, so I’m going off the mindset I usually take with other projects: pick electronics first, then build the mechanics around them. If it don’t fit, just make it fit!
  • Flex is something I hadn’t considered, I’ll be sure to keep that in mind throughout the process. If needed, I have a “semiflex” TPU filament I can print with instead of rigid PLA or ABS.
  • Unfortunately I had already jumped the gun on both the motors and the ESC, and I feel like it’d be easier (and astronomically cheaper) to keep the motors and find a battery/ESC that works with them. I’ll keep the right order in mind if I make other esk8’s in the future!
  • Everything else I’m pretty much following; my wheels match my motors, remote for now I just need something that works (Once the other stuff is done I’ll be designing that from scratch too), and of course aesthetics are last :slight_smile:

That being said, I will do some more research on traditional enclosures before doing anything else - seemed simple enough but I could totally be overlooking something

A lot of folks have had this exact same thought, and ended spending a lot more money and time than planned.

I’m telling you to make/buy the enclosure before you buy everything, and you’ll have a much more successful project :slight_smile:

I’m only telling you what I wish I was told, when I was in your exact same position and state of mind. :smiley:

Also never forget that space inside the enclosure doesn’t go all the way to the top of it, because the deck has concave… yeah, that will get you.


True true - I do already have a rough CAD model started, I’ll at least be sure the basic measurements line up with anything else I get. Thanks!

Every time.

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Remote came in the mail today and I set it up with Arduino just to get a feel for it. Made a little visualization program with a throttle bar, it seems pretty good and connection seems solid. The thumb wheel itself is pretty cheap and doesn’t feel great but I think it’s useable. Focbox and battery stuffs are in transit!

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