News to the Name VESC

Hello everyone! Use of the name Vesc is no longer allowed! But this is only a public opinion from me! I was informed by Trampa that I can not use the name Vesc since it is a registered ™ brand since last year. I will comply with this call and will no longer name VESC on the Of my products sold. Also for this reason there is no longer the VESC Repair! I was also informed that all previous providers the VESC 4.12 Produced or sold (sold) this would no longer be allowed in the future. I would have to name the Vesc 4.12 differently in the future if I would like to continue producing and selling it. What I decided to make the Vesc 4.12 different and make more compact. Provided with a protective housing as a prototype, test version just so. Is not available and has not been sold yet. Accordingly, I wanted to rename the new design on Vesk8. This has now me Trampa forbidden, as it confusion Through product similarity and phonetics, between Vesc and Vesk8. For this reason, we will not produce the Vesc 4.12 under the name of Vesc. Let’s say esk8 controller sounds better and deliver accordingly to our customers. But the quality continues to exist and we can Continue to assure that the ESK8 controller, Made in Germany. Best regards Attila


So … only Trampa can make a VESC now - every other seller will have to rename their products! Is Enertion allowed to sell the VESC-X? How/ why is there a trademark on an open-source project?


I do not know how far it all have been communicated From Trampa. But I hope Frank will definitely comment Who in the future Vesc may sell And who does not


Your complain sounds to me like: “I hate that douche cop who stopped me from withdrawing money with a credit card I found on the ground”.

Accept that. The cop(trampa) is bringing back the card to the owner(vedder).

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I would disagree and have included below the Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0) license under which the VESC is shared. The link to vedder’s github page on his VESC is here (

Quoting from (

"You are free to:

Share — copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format Adapt — remix, transform, and build upon the material for any purpose, even commercially.

This license is acceptable for Free Cultural Works. The licensor cannot revoke these freedoms as long as you follow the license terms. Under the following terms:

Attribution — You must give appropriate credit, provide a link to the license, and indicate if changes were made. You may do so in any reasonable manner, but not in any way that suggests the licensor endorses you or your use. ShareAlike — If you remix, transform, or build upon the material, you must distribute your contributions under the same license as the original. No additional restrictions — You may not apply legal terms or technological measures that legally restrict others from doing anything the license permits. "


Not sure whose idea this was but i understand if it came from Vedder. He gave us something awesome in hope of little profit, but community didn’t were as generous as he wish.

Dont confuse Trademark and CC license. You are still allowed to make and sell the vesc. You just cant call it vesc free of charge. Instead of saying thanks for the license, @esk8 is saying f**k for the trademark.

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I don’t agree that esk8 is saying that (there are so many VESCs that are called VESC despite the trademark), but now understand what Trampa has done. I am still confused though what sellers are now meant to sell their VESCs as! Could you shed some light on this @trampa (sellers are allowed to make the VESC and then have to somehow advertise their motor controller is a VESC without including the word VESC)?

BTW @Trampa Thank you for helping Benjamin Vedder continue the VESC project.

If VESC is a trademark, anyone know in what country(ies) it’s registered? Who owns the trademark? Word TM or Figure, or both…

US search from uspto shows no results

I don’t see it in the EU either. Search results.

Maybe a Brexit thing?

As OP stated above, Creative Commons is a different matter.

We always have produced the original Vesc with original parts. Just as Benjamin wanted it. We also always get from each Vesc we have sold a donation made to benjamin. We do not say f ** k to Vesc We would love to sell the vesc as vesc And also so produce. But Trampa has told us that is no more. We must give another name for the vesc If we want to resell. Trampa has forbidden us the name vesc to use no more.

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Yeas sorry, I may have been too rude about the f**k :smile: (I meant that you are not too happy about the trademark) .Hope you will find a way for keeping the name at the right conditions (like a royalty fee).

And we continue to give donate from the sold vesc at Benjamin even if we sell it under another name

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I just checked and Vedder did register the name in 2016, seeing how many people make them, I am surprised that no one else did it before.

EUIPO - Search “VESC”

I believe out of respect for Benjamin It is his invention

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Im not sure if most people are aware of this fact…

Benjamin Vedder didn’t actually create the name “VESC”

In fact, it was the ESK8 community who created the name “VESC” It was also the ESK8 community that made this project VERY popular.

Quick History lesson;

Firstly, if it wasn’t for @ austindavid & @torqueboards for originally publishing info about benjamins ESC none of us esk8ers would have Known about it.

The name itself was coined by @ Beto_pty who originally made the name Vedders Endless Sphere Controller:

If it wasn’t for @ jacobbloy who was the first person to organize a group buy (BV also did some too).

And @ chaka for reworking the hardware to improve reliability

And for everyone else (users) for testing & providing feedback. Without the community the VESC just wouldnt be a “thing”

I suppose it’s time to come up with another name?

Unfortunately this means the “VESC” name will likely be forgotten as new stuff comes in.


Thanks for the clarification Many have forgotten this Or they did not know

Sooo, what do we call it?

Many thanks @onloop for explaining the history. My problem with BV registering the name is that now everyone will have to use a different name to refer to it --> the VESC name will be forgotten --> the project will be renamed (it is an unbelievably good motor controller) --> the cycle will repeat and make it confusing for new members of the ESK8 community (they will have to learn that VESC = Esk8 controller = …). Why is enertion fine with VESC-X when VESK8 is not fine - VESC-X even has VESC in it/ has there been an agreement with BV to allow the VESC-X to be branded with VESC in the name?

Names off the top of my head if the name VESC is going to be banned for everyone but @Trampa: BVESC (Benjamin Vedder’s Electric Speed Controller)? SESC (Skateboard Electric Speed Controller)? UESC (Ultimate Electric Speed Controller)?

@esk8 You said there is no VESC repair anymore. Do you know how this is affecting LP-Electronics ? @JanarR and my vesc has been sent to Lucas weeks ago and we have not gotten any replies from him yet.

Hi everyone, please go to and click on “trademark policy” at the bottom of the page. A lot is explained there. Every major OS-Project has the TM to enable customers to identify the original source. It’s the only way to prevent things going funny and preventing e.g. bad code being published under the same name. If you want to use e.g. Firefox, you want to be sure its the Mozilla distribution and not some third party software simply being branded the same, looking the same, maybe even containing malware or spyware or just being of a different quality. The only way to assure that, is having the TM and forcing others to use their Brand for distribution. You can compile your own browser, using the e.g. Mozilla code but you have to use your own brand and stand in for the quality you make with your own brand. It’s imperative for the VESC-Project to assure that it can be identified as the original source for many reasons. Fair use of the TM is explicitly allowed! So please read carefully through the TM policies and assure to conform. The TM is registered in Europe! Many other counties will follow soon. Many OS-Projects had trouble in the past and no ones wants Benjamin to go through the same troubles, believe me. Owning the TM is the only way to assure that trouble is out of the way.

If you make something, stand in for what you make with your own name or brand. “xyz controller, based upon the OS Vesc-Project”, followed by a TM notice and a link is totally fine! No one wants to prevent anyone from selling hardware. Just create your own distinctive brand - in your very own interest.