No longer for sale, not for part out. Currently undergoing revamp to become less "DIY looking" ;)

I have a Bustin Mission 38" deck with Evolve super carve trucks, 83mm 75a Abec11’s, UNiK all terrain motor mounts, dual TorqueBoard 6355 190kv motors, TorqueBoard BLDC motor controllers, Mini 2.4ghz remote, 2 10s2p Samsung 30Q 18650 battery packs with individual BMS’s (one of the cells on one has a small hole in the outer casing but holds voltage and works just fine), 10s 5A charger (charges quite quickly and reliably!).

This board is not the prettiest or most aesthetic (although the deck is custom painted), and it is not a 12s beast. But this sucker HAULS. I have the curves and settings optimized on the “VESC’s” so acceleration is quick but gradual, and braking is strong and can be quick if needed but will not throw you off if you accidentally tap it. I added freebord foot clamps which make falling off a thing of the past. This board will do 30mph pretty easily, it’s a little unnecessary though with the super carve trucks (gets a tad wobbly unless you crank down on the bushings). I have yet to find a hill it won’t eat. Range wise, I’m estimating between 8-14 miles depending on how you ride it. Cruising you could easily get higher up there, but aggressively accelerating and braking with high speed runs will give you between about 6-8 miles comfortably. Electronics compartment is easily accesible, with a battery percentage indicator attached. This board does come with a LED lit and fused E-switch made by @eLDoska which works flawlessly. It is also ready to be Evolve AT wheel swapped! I do not have the AT kit, but it can be purchased from Evolve for $199.99 and I have a $25 off coupon.

I’m looking to see if there’s any interest in this board as I’m heading to college and this board is a tad too heavy and bulky for my liking… I absolutely LOVE the speed and power, as well as the sound of the motors… But it’s just a pain to lug around and keep an eye on when on campus. I’m looking to potentially sell this and buy a boosted board or similar instead. Selling price is $1,150 shipped (lower 48 states only).


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You might want to re-upload the images, none of those links follows through :slight_smile: 05%20AM

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re upload images, links not working.

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Done! 10 character

Yes! Just fixed it

MVIMG_20180522_143515 Please remove and replace that cell or toss the pack, that is a fire hazard and an accident waiting to happen

Also 1375 for a board that looks very hand made is at least a couple hundred off from the price it should be if you want buyers


If you’re parting out I’d gladly take the trucks and the mounts

Safety precautions have been taken on that specific pack, and I’ve been monitoring it. It has shown no signs whatsoever of imbalance. And yeah you’re probably right, if you read the post you’llsee I’m looking to potentially sell it. I’m checking to see if selling it would even be worth it. I appreciate the concern and input though

@willpark16 To me this looks like a very nice board, all that would be needed is a single long case and it would look very much like a pre-built board. Although I agree about the shorted battery, I would replace the cell first before selling, and then combine the two packs in parallel and add a nice long case from a forum member, and you have a very nice performing board

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The reasoning behind why I didn’t go with a single enclosure is because this deck is very flexible, a single enclosure would take that away

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Maybe it’s just not my cup of tea😂 but I am very concerned about the pack construction if he allowed for that cell to continue to be used. You may not have seen all the battery fires occurring but I’m trying to prevent another one with this pack that has been essentially punctured and welded shut. But I would assume over time this or if enough amps are run through the battery, he will have a nice bonfire

Good luck with ur sale man but I would definitely reccomend fixing that battery

Yeah nothing has been pushed through that battery since, and it’s not the one in the board anymore. The plan is to replace that cell, just for the time being it’s stable is what I meant. I’m not stupid enough to pull 120 amps with a cell like that lol.

If part out, I’ll buy trucks

Price change

ill take the motors if you part it out

You know, it’s really crazy what you can do with some time and about 30 bucks. How’s it look now boys? Too DIY?

image image image image


I think it looks frickin’ AWESOME!