No more pneumatic wheel vibes!

I honestly don’t know if this has ever been covered before, but considering everyone I know and have met whom are on pneumatics and the fact that they aren’t using this method, I will assume not a lot of people know about it.

Well the issue is the fact that these 7-8" pneumatic wheels do in fact vibrate a lot and there’s really no easy and effective way to conventionally balance them - unless you get some wheel beads!

I first was introduced to wheel beads a few years ago while attending a track day with one of my bikes. There was a vender there promoting the stuff, and I was intrigued if they actually worked or not. So I bought a kit ($25) and put them on the wheels of my AWD Christini, and wow was I amazed! I noticed a difference almost immediately! Such a simple, cheap and easy to use product that actually works!

How it works - Basically you add these little ceramic beads into the wheel by temporarily removing the bleeder valve / core. How much you put in is calculated by the wheel size, application and use. You close everything back up, add air and you’re good to go! Basically, the beads spin within the wheel and will counter any imbalances you have.

I just added a few grams to each of my 7" Trampa pneumatics and the difference is night and day! The ride at higher speeds is smooth and steady. No more vibes!

If you’re on pneumatic wheels, I highly recommend you get some and give them a try! They’re available on Amazon, eBay or on any of the many motorcycle parts and accessorie stores online. Prices usually start at around $15 and go up depending on how much you need.


Good find, definitely useful for mtb folks

id never heard of them, ill have a read, thanks

Aka: counteracting bead, balance beads, ceramic wheel beads…

They’re commonly used on motorcycle wheels, truck tires, and hard to balance all terrain wheels.

Cool tard dude :sunglasses: good pick up

I miss my fs650 :cry:

some cool video too…


Nice, we will check that, sounds like a clean way to sort that issue out.


Gotta say that AWD dirtbike is sick bro!!!

Neat. Definitely going to try this when my Trampa is complete.

Frank, I’m going to send you some to try out. Keep an eye out for my package.

Beets the heck out of a stikie lead weight opposite valve stem,that keep loosing Thanks for the salution @DucatiGuy :grinning:

Stans Sealant will balance them.

One little 2oz bottle is easily enough for all 4 tubes.

Probably could use a bit less.

No flat tires either.

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@DucatiGuy Just wait 2 weeks Trampa will be selling them on their website as an innovation for a premium pricetag :grin: Hate when companies come here for ideas and sell them without any credit to the innovator which in this case is you. @trampa Are you going to do this Frank?


I wouldn’t call myself an innovator but more so just an enthusiast, and as such it gives me great pleasure to share with the rest of you (even the manufactures) insight on techniques, and products that I have run across or used that may better the industry and community as a whole.

I hope Frank and the guys @trampa try the sample I shipped them (which by the way was mailed out today) and if they’re as satisfied as I am, which I think they will be, I would love to see it on their website!

I think you can buy that on online for the best price you get. But maybe someone buying wheels will consider dropping it in the parcel to save some $ on postage. So if it works, we might stock some for the convenience of the customer. I doubt it will make us any richer selling this stuff. We tried the sealant some years back but it can also make a mess out of your tire, leaking in between the tire and the tube.

The Evil T.


@DucatiGuy Maybe you dont consider yourself as one but what you did is technically an innovation, accept is as a compliment :wink: @trampa Nice, you found a name that finally suits you :laughing: Also the customer that is buying wheels at your webpage will see the beads and wont be able to find them searching on google, expecially if you give them a new name and market as a new product. Im not from yesterday. And my troubles are not far away…music reference

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I’m not sure about this one. I’m using the sealant now and though it does decrease chance of punctured tube, I notice an increase in vibration. I wonder if we can combine the balance beads and the sealant together. :thinking::thinking::thinking:

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Hey Nate, you wouldn’t want to use the beads and sealant together. The sealant would prevent the beads from effectively rolling through the wheel and countering the imbalances. The beads need to flow freely, unobstructed within the wheels to work effectively. The sealant will only inhibit that.

Sealant alone will offer some initial balancing properties, but as the stuff evaporates and dries up (and yes it will even in a sealed inner tube), it’ll negate any balancing benefits, and in some cases may even make the vibes worse.

The beads, unless you get a blow out, don’t go anywhere, they’re not messy, and are always working.


damn. So either use beads and risk punctures for increase stability and top speed or use sealant and decrease stability but also decrease risk of punctures…guess I’m going to have to start living life at the edge again :smiling_imp:

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well im sold