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I have a Fiik Street Surfer electric skateboard with a battery that wonโ€™t charge. A replacement battery is several hundred dollars so looking for a way to reuse these batteries.

Anyone have any suggestions?

A battery is a battery.

Lithium ion batteries are a battery with much better energy density.

in any case do your math to be sure it fits in the parameters required by the device.

issues with lead acid can be weird charge ranges but it really depends as some car ones only move from 40-70% charge not a 1-100.

use the esk8 conductor current ratings chart to see what you need to get your 30A

It needs to support that in every place. But if you are going through 2 pieces of nickel, then each piece only needs to support half that, et cetera

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I just orders my FIRST build. Iโ€™ll be rockin dual fsesc 6.6 and 6384 flipsky 190kv 4000w motors. My question is this, I have ordered TWO 18650 36v 10s4p battery packs with bms charging, should I make it where I can โ€œhot swapโ€ the battery when it runs out or maybe wire both packs in parallel for more overall usage times OR could I wire them together in series for a monstrous trail beast? Iโ€™m not sure being this is my FIRST build and id like to get it right, how does one fully utilize the overall 8000 watts that my motors have? Any help would be great! I can upload and list all parts used if needed!!!

you can use nickel strip for parallel connections and then wire or flat braided wire for the series connections, this makes it also flexible depending how you do it

you mean paralell? Series will make it 20S. Those escs canโ€™t handle that. If you make a hotswappable one youโ€™ll have to open the enclosure every time

So could I just wire positive to positive and negative to negative, for longer battery life?

slightly different tack: how do I attach a Flipsky 4.12 vesc to either the wooden deck or the (yet to be purchased) enclosure? Iโ€™ve read a lot about using velcro or double sided tape to either deck or enclosure but the vesc is not shrink wrapped in any way for the velcro or tape to attach to. This would surely leave the fixing method attaching straight to the board or electrics. Iโ€™m confused. Thanks! (as you can tell Iโ€™m very new to all this. I have all my electronics etc working so Iโ€™m on the final strait of getting my build done so quite excited)

I have a Flipsky dual 6.6 plus fsesc with a Flipsky Vx2 remote. The battery level indicator for the skateboard battery on my vx2 remote display is not reading accurately. How can I get an accurate battery reading on the remote screen with the vx2 and dual 6.6 plus fsesc?

Hey I need help and dont under stand any of this stuff this is for a engineering class in high school and Iโ€™m trying to build a one wheel where the wheel powers a different battery so u can have like tao batteries

hey guys! I made a ESK8 already a while ago and put it away for about a year now. So i got into ESK8 Stuff again, and wanna replace my old 6S 5500 mAh LiPo battery, with a new custom made 6S5P battery! i already ordered all the things i need, and also the vruzend 2.1 kit, cuz i donโ€™t have a spotwelder by nowโ€ฆwanna give it a try! Cells are 30x 18650 30Q 15A 3000mAh, and a 60A (180A Peak) BMS.

I made today with Powerpoint a simple schematic about the wiring.

and i just wanna ask, if that is working with the amps (max 60A, ESC handles not more than that)

My BMS has only P- and B-, so no C- ! Capture

Thankโ€™s for answering my question! Iโ€™ll post some pictures, when the Cells arrive!