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no, how do i sert it?

Do you have the wires from the remote on the esc like pwm and uart ports? If you didn’t, you need to follow the instructions to solder them on. If yes, you just go to remote set up in vesc tool and you can set if up from there. You have to first do the motor set up, then the remote or input set up.

Hey, BMS shows me an cell voltage Delta of 0.07V in my 12s4p Pack (Samsung IRN 21700-40T). How much delta is too much? My BMS is trying to Balance for 10mV. Too little/too much? Thanks, happy eastern everyone!

10mV is almost too low IMHO. A lot of it depends on your specific BMS’s wiring, but I definitely wouldn’t go any lower than that. Maybe higher (20mV) or leave it there. You don’t want to be making corrections for what essentially could just be measurement errors.

can i use a 24s esc and connect it to a 20v battery w/ no issues ever?

can i use a 24v esc and connect it to a 20v battery w/ no issues ever? itworkswitha21vbattery myspacebarisbroken

If its rated 24v, i dont see a lot of issues being 4 volts off, save lack of power. Its still 6s nominal or about.

Exactly what In thought about the 10mV. I’ve been through 1 de/charge cycle without a problem. But the 60-90mV difference to average of cell 4 is still there. I set balancing to 100mV and now it charges again.

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Helloo, i have the problem that both of my belts are moving towards the wheels and start rubbing. I feel like im doing something wrong or am overseeing since both my left and right belt drive do it. All parts are new except for the wheels. i am using press fitt pulleys on 12inch dual kingpin evolve clones with kegel core wheels. Anything i need to pay attention to or anyone who has had this issue before? Seems like the pulleys are not straight and wobble alott, but nce again its both of them that do it.

You got it right. Either the pulley or the motor mount is not straight.