Noobie first time esk8 UK build | 10s1p LiPo | SK3 6374 192kv | FOCBox VESC | Two Bare Feet Board

Hi everyone! Firstly, a thank you to the owners and mods of this forum; it’s an incredibly valuable resource, especially for a first timer, like me!

I’ve skateboarded pretty much all my life but on shortboards. I’ve always fancied a longboard but just never took the plunge. I’m 32 years old now and I don’t get to skate much these days but I have a 3 year old son so I’m hoping that gets to change over the next few years.

I first came across esk8s, like many, via Casey Neistat’s YouTube channel. I couldn’t believe the speed and range he was getting! So, I did some reearch on boosted boards and almost chocked on my brew when I saw the £1,500 price tag! After much googling and reading up I came across this, awesome forum!

Anyway, enough of the background, onto my proposed build! I thought I’d post my build as it may help some other UK folk gather relevant parts and also, you guys can tell me how much I’ve got wrong!

This is, to a degree, a budget build. I’ll be buying bits each month I get paid. I thought I’d start with a complete longboard as I can have some fun rocking it for a while whilst I gather other parts.

Here’s what I’m thinking:

• Base board: Two Bare Feet Parker - £60 (great reviews for such a cheap board! Had it delivered today and I’m very impressed! I’d love to get a Loaded Vanguard eventually).

• Motor mount: I’m hoping to pick up a motor mount from @WSB on here, they look awesome!

• Motor: Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 6374 192KV Brushless Outrunner Motor from (stock available in UK warehouse at time of post)

• VESC: FOCBOX from Enertion

• Batteries: 2 x Turnigy 5ah 5s1p 35-70C Lipos (wired in series to create a 10s1p battery) - will add two more in parallel in time to get my range increased. (stock available in UK warehouse at time of post)

• Control: I’ll be using a normal RF RC remote for now but I have plans to build the awesome Firefly remote by @solidgeek

My last project was my Prusa i3 3D printer so I’ll be printing the battery / electronics enclosure. Some great ones on

I’ve used the brilliant esk8 today caluclator to help work out the components to get.

I’m still researching pulleys, belts and wheels. I may need different trucks too. Probably caliber 2s.

Right, what have I got wrong / forgotten!?

Thanks for reading guys! Super excited!


First stupid questions:

Firstly, am I right in thinking that I can wire 2 x 5s1p batteries in series to create 1 x 10s1p battery?

Secondly, would that allow me to directly charge them without a BMS?

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Hi, good luck with the build, in a similar position myself but thinking of going down the hub motor route. Nightmare trying to find UK based suppliers though…

Check out Alien Power Systems motors, they seem to get good reviews and are UK based…

Yes, you can easily connect those 2 batteries together and then they will plug directly into a bms(there are a bunch of wiring diagrams in this forum just use the search button). I would also recommend maybe 5x 2s batteries so that way the board will be much slimmer.

Be careful about the width of those motors and available space on the trucks…

Thanks for the advice guys, much appreciated.

How do you mean @n_j_a_s? Are you thinking I’m doing a dual build? I’m doing a single motor.

Yes, I assumed a dual motor setup! Sorry, that’s what I was considering for my build, with a similar motor, but Im sure I read somewhere that it would only fit on a wider truck like the torqueboard 218mm…

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Shouldn’t be an issue with a single motor

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Two 6374 requires 218mm trucks. If you want to skip using a BMS you need a balance charger which HK sells.

I’m actually going to get the 10s Bestech as they allow single unit orders now and they’re only $39. Definitely worth it for peace of mind and less hassle with charging.

Had a few bits delivered today.

I took the heatshrink packaging off one of the batteries to see if I could separate the cells easily to lay them out flatter as these packs are quite deep at 40mm. However, they’re stuck quite well I don’t fancy going any further attempting to split them so I’ll run them as they are I think.

The motor is lovely and shiny! I was expecting a flat part on the motor shaft in order to lock the pulley onto it with a grub screw but there isn’t one. Any ideas? Shall I just grind a flat spot onto the shaft?

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@n_j_a_s have you seen ? UK based and more products coming over the next few weeks and months…

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File a flat spot on the shaft and you will be good to go. A dremel will make short work of that job. But make sure you seal up the motor in a plastic bag first to avoid getting metal filings inside the motor.

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Perfect, thanks dude.

my pleasure :slight_smile:

@DavidBanner Cheers for that, no I hadn’t spotted that site. Will keep an eye on it.

little do you know…

@DavidBanner IS STREET-WING!

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I suspected but the more UK suppliers the better! :slight_smile:

OK, need a bit of help here please guys…

So I’m looking at the Bestech 10s BMS which has a max discharge of 80a.

Now, the batteries I’ve chosen are 35c to 70c which equates to 175a continuous and 350a.

I’m making the assumption that I should limit my max amps in the system to 80a? This seems a shame to be missing out on all that power? (assuming I could use all that power?)

Or do I get a charge only BMS so I can utilise more of the batteries max amps?

There goes my secret identity, I bet Batman never had these problems :slight_smile: