Noobie first time esk8 UK build | 10s1p LiPo | SK3 6374 192kv | FOCBox VESC | Two Bare Feet Board

You will never use 80a I think the max ur motor can use is about 80a so ur good in that regard

In terms of the motor can only draw a max of 80a?

EDIT: just checked HobbyKing and you’re very much correct. The max load for that motor is 80a. Thanks @leonsc.

At 80a ul be flying only issue is high kv low torque with single not an issue if ur not power hill climbing

I’ve gone for a 192kv, is that considered high? Would I be better going for a lower KV motor do you think?

Iv used 149-213 with no issues also ur focbox can’t handle 80a constant I think 60a is the safe limit I also use two bear feet deck (modified)

Cool. I’ll see how I go. This is my first build so learning lots! Thanks for your help.

That’s great, which deck did you go for?

Started with this now looks like this


B awere building these gets addictive

WOW! That’s sick!

I know! I’m already addicted!

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Where abouts in uk are u

192kV will be perfect for a 10S battery which is the right voltage for the VESC/FOCBOX so don’t worry about that. Also in case you didn’t know, most motor mounts are designed for Caliber 2 trucks, and basically all wheel pullies are designed for Orangatang Kegels or Abec 11 Flywheels (or anything with a similar core). Also your deck looks a little flexy so make sure you don’t use a long enclosure, and you’ll probably need to top mount your trucks to get enough clearance.

In regards to the BMS, in terms of amp limits your FOCBOX is probably the bottleneck. I wouldn’t run it any higher than 50A to be on the safe side so a 80A BMS is more than enough.

Also, lipos are usually rated much higher than what you can actually run them at so your 35C cells are probably closer to 20C, and even then it’s better to have cells that are capable of discharging more amps than you need since they’ll heat up less and last longer.

Thanks dude. Great info and you’ve made me feel like I’ve pretty much bought the right stuff!

My deck is very flexy which I really like when riding it. I’m going to mount a battery at either end of the board, as close to each truck as possible, in as small an enclosure as possible, so the deck can still flex without much affect on the enclosures/electronics. Obviously, the bit of the deck with the most deflection is the middle so I’m purposefully not mounting anything there.

How did you make those blue shapes so shiny ? Is it like a wire that’s lighting itself ? :thinking: It looks so good !

I’m looking at doing the same battery setup, and I was wondering why you plan on using a BMS. Is it just so you can charge both batteries at the same time ?

Yer called el wire it’s wire that’s covered in phosphor so shines when an electric currant passes through

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Yes mate. It’s so I can use a cheap ish laptop style charger as I’ll need two chargers: one for Home and one for work. I’d rather do that than have to get two balance chargers and the faff off either removing batteries or having multiple connections on the enclosure.

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Need a bit of help with BMS please guys…

I emailed Donna at Bestech initially asking about the D223V1 as that seemed to be the most common one people when for on here. Spec sheet is:

I remember reading something about changing the max charge from 4.28v to 4.2v but when I asked Donna about this she suggested a different BMS, this one:

Can anyone shed any light on this?

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If ur going single drive then the second one is rated at 60a which is fine for single motor use as ur vesc can’t handle any more than that also the second has the cutoffs for lipo not li-on. Lipo can’t drain as low as li-ion

Thanks @leonsc but what about the overcharge protection at 4.25v? Is that OK? I remember reading that it should be 4.2v max?

Yer that should be fine lipo can handle up 4.28 with no issues so +/- 0.5 is normal