Nuff Replacement Hub

I have a Nuff 2000w E-board and I think I burned out a hub. Anyone know how to get a replacement hub? Nuff says $250 to replace it. That seems high. Anyone with ANY ideas? Thanks in advance!

Why don’t you just buy this for 250$

That looks like a rebranded Onan x2… Search to see if you can find sleeves. Should be no more that $50 for both…

OH wait you are talking about motors?

Yes one of my hubs started clicking then stopped. All within 5 minutes. I have ot take. It apart as I just had two cervical discs in my neck replaced and cant do much for a few weeks. I love the board and was trying to see if anyone else had this problem. I dont ride it too hard either. Live in Florida so no hills. It was strange. I was just running up to grab a script from the pharmacy whem I got home I popped out the battery to charge it and when I bumped the hub I heard the clicking. Next day was surgery and I am a bit limited by what I can do. Do you guys think the $250 is a good price for one 1000w motor?

absolutely not. Theyre bending you over at that price.

You can and should do better. Whos to say that the second 250 dollar motor wont fail like the first? :man_shrugging:

Maybe its time to swap motor and esc combo? own/meep/wow have pretty good controllers currently


Depending on where you are in Florida, you have a GOLD MINE of capable and kind builders, maybe one has some free time to help you out? :slight_smile:

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I am in the Daytona Beach area. I am willing to admit my ignorance in repairing the board as I am all thumbs do to the neck issue. Hands dont always do what I tell them to do. (Nerve damage)

No shame here man, I cant ‘tool’ either :slight_smile:

e: sorry @Battosaii my map skills are poor as always. :stuck_out_tongue:

I dont really know anyone near Daytona Beach :frowning: Sorry man… maybe go to the thread asking where were all from and control + F

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Its a shame that Nuff is gouging me for the motor. Makes me think less of them. I would pay $100 without even thinking about it but the $250 rubs me raw. Anyo e else out there had issues with these boards?

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Have you tried swapping over the motor to the other connection to check its really the hub

I thought I had broken a hub but it turned out to be the ESC, ended up buying 2 news hubs then an ESC

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I already tried that to no avail. See I read the stuff you guys write about!


That would of been a great solution too since @Battosaii and that Miami esk8 group is a rather large group. If memory serves me right that is like a 4hr or 4.5hr drive from Miami. If anything he could probably know some people with equipment that could help him out.

I have a few onan boards, they’re okay. You can replace the motors with a set from meepo/wowgo/ownboard, but you have to use their truck so the setup all together is $150 for 2 new hubs + truck. I have ridden about 3000km on a couple sets of them and had no issues and I know many others who’ve done similar so they are pretty reliable. backfire also sells nice and cushy hubs with thick urethane you could consider. They all fit rather well into the onan chasis.

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I currently get 24mph on flat roadways. Would these hubs be able to do that too? If so if you have the part numbers I will order today. Want to get the board up and running by the time I am healed up.

yes they do. They’re all 90mm hubs iirc. The best/most cushy ones should be 2x +

Great! Sorry another query. Would this “plug and play” into the Onan/Nuff board?

Man Daytona Beach is like 4+ hours away from me he is way closer to @longhairedboy about 1hourish away

Kind of, the only problem is the hall sensor. It dosen’t fit through the gap, so you kind of have to dissassemble it or just splice the wires for it. When you try to pull out the existing truck from the ESC housing the bullet cables can fit if you poke them through one at a time but the hall sensor won’t.

Yeah. My abilities of geography are um… Below lackluster. Lol.

I really had no idea how big Florida was until I googled it to check if I was right or not :joy::joy:


250$ for that hubmotor… You’re better of with this:

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