Ok here is the innovation someone please make this

Please someone start making remotes with flashlights built in on a separate battery idk. I will buy them by the thousands… And if they already do can someone direct me to them lol.


So here it is. How many thousands do you want to orderIMG_20190315_215103 IMG_20190315_215058 IMG_20190315_215055


Looks good!

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I am taking orders now. US patent pending


Perfect, beautiful, definitely doesn’t look like a gun now…

That’s that as seen on TV flashlight from Walmart lol I have the same one…

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It’s NRA approved


I’d get shot by cops in under 2 minutes carrying that around here :smiley:

How about making it white?

In all seriousness, I went to the police station and let them all look at some esk8s. Then I asked them what the best way to not get shot holding a remote is. They told me clearly “make them white”. :slight_smile:


Man that made me thinking? Where are you living actually? I am sorry but that it’s rather bad.

I live in downtown Saint Louis, Missouri

In that downtown area nearby this park


didn’t know there is such high tension over there.

Racist fuks😂



Unfortunately, I still think there is a chance of getting shot with a white remote…‘Merica


In the USA cops will shoot you for holding an ice cream cone and claim you refused to follow command and thought you were holding a gun .

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That remote is by epicboards, tbh the only epic thing is the light on the remote. The connection is pretty shit and top speed is about 28km/h

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…thats right its by epic boards and is available for 99 bucks. The say on their website that it has a 2,4 ghz connection, so how can the connection be that bad? Maybe it needs some mods. What has the speed of their board to do with the remote?:roll_eyes:

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Don’t people usually ride with their hands loosely at their sides? That means you have to raise your remote-holding hand to point the light in the right direction. Doesn’t sound like the most comfortable or ergonomic solution to me. This could be very handy for quick inspections of your board during a ride but for seeing ahead I think a headlight makes more sense.

it surly will not replace the headlights, but it will be good for other things, like finding the door locker at night, because you always carry your remote in your hands. For me a big pro to get a light into a remote control

Meepo makes a nice one with a light.