Okp - trampa trucks motor mounts kits limited edition


As a personal project, I have produced a really limited amount (five) of trampa mounts made of AL7075 aluminium, sandblasted, natural anodization. This includes everything you need, except the motor pulley (all part are displayed on the photos below).

  • ISO4B chains
  • sprocket 60T

Ready to ship worldwide. I’m asking for 300 euros without shipping which means that I’m selling them without any profit :slight_smile:


They look nice as fck:scream:

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thanks mate !

Wow!.. there is a lot of demand for quality products like these!

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yeah, to be honest; I did that for my pleasure. I got five sets; first comes served

selling theses will help me to develop and fund another project that I have in mind. So it’s all reinvested in R&D !

I can also sell only the mounts with screw for those who want to go with belts.

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So tempting. If only I had the money to build an EMTB…

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got a few left for those who are looking to make a EMTB!

note: this has nothing to do with the UNIK brand, it’s just a personal project that I made.

hey there, i can split also the complete mount by selling only the 66T chain pulleys or individual/dual mount.

So someone use the mount for a pulley setup rather than chain?

hey @monkey32 - I used to run chains on my trampa and will try soon belts. I assume both have they advantages/drawbacks.

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Thanks I was curious though if you know if this mount works with belt setups. I’d consider taking one if I knew it fit a belt driven system.

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hey, I am cleaning my room and sell for a bargain the mountainboard mounts without pulleys to enable people to go with belts, chains or adapt they own system for a cheaper price.

That’s 199 euros for the dual mount without the M8 screws: what you see on the following photos. Fits trampa trucks.

shipping worldwide - PayPal accepted !

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got few available - worldwide shipping.

hey email to me [email protected] prices and will turnigy aerodrive 192 kv fit in there?

Is there any left ?

hey, I think I got one left; and you know what, I’m a bit late for Secret Santa… so this one is free of charge for you. You just have to pay for the delivery cost. Shoot me your address in PM.


wait wait wait…


can i get a free flywheel pulley (or 2)? :grin:

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haha, well I will share something with ya. My wife is expecting a baby soon and I’m arranging all my 3x3 square meter room that I was using for all my extra work prototyping activities to host this little okp.

These mounts were paid by my personal money so I think it’s nice to help a buddy that found a 6th month old thread and give this last one for free. For the “UNiK” stuff, we are going to do a give away soon, but I need to check with the accountant that we can manage to do it without being too much into the red line as we are running this hobby company on cash.


wow congrats bro! if that mini okp isn’t eboard it by 3 months i’m gonna be pissed.


Congrats. It’s a wild ride… You know it makes sense…