Ollin V2 Motor Mount - Adjustable Idler Drive

An updated version of our original idler drive. This model is compatible with almost all 63mm motors. We are milling the production fixture plates for these today and will be offering them after we finish producing what we need to update our FreeRide decks. I’ll do my best to keep this thread updated with design details for other builders looking to adapt our designs.

A few key features of this mount are the integrated cooling fins, they help reduce weight and heat produced by the motors. We have also carried over our signature adjustable idler from our V1 motor mounts.

All of this will be paired with our machine matched hanger/drivepulley design on Ronin Cast trucks. More details on that to come, if you follow our instagram you already know what it looks like.

Enjoy the rendering. Time to make the chips fly!


What’s the purpose of the 4 cutouts beside the motor mounting threads?

More surface area more cooling? Looks fricjen sweet. I cannot wait to get some bigger motors and run 107s on the free ride. Makes an already fast board beast mode !!!

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the other 4 cutouts :slight_smile:

They help ventilate the motor, mainly for sk3 type motors with the integrated induction fan.


I love this design. Not only functional, but aesthetically beautiful. What type of aluminum are you using?

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i know looks so rugged and purdy =3

Built a dual-operation fixture, seems like the best option for a limited work area. These little brass cam-lock clamps are so nice! Wish I started using them sooner, great for 2 sided milling.


:heart_eyes: it’s, it’s, BEAUTIFUL!!


Made a small change to the design yesterday. Brought the raised section around the motor all the way up to the model top. Much better lines when all assembled and it should guard the motor vents a little more. Used a boring function and a 1/4inch ball end mill to create the long chamfered inner slope.


those chamfered edges :fire:

I bet that really cuts down on debris getting into motor.

great refinement!

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you’re making me want a small mill just for aluminum machining. Badly.


Oh em gee those tall cans in chrome just look fucking gigantic. Dual diagonal belt drive ftw, fuck hubs. Loving this thread!

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is there any way to make a batch compatible with caliber trucks? I feel like its a huge missed opportunity to move some serious volume with these since the majority of people have calibers/caliber clones? I wanna support ollin board company as much as possible but sadly instead buying 2 of these for dual diaganol I have to go with a competitor because of compatibility. I dont want to have to buy 2 new trucks and 2 new motor mounts, especially as a city rider. :frowning: makes me sad that I wont have these to brag about alongside my ollin vesc!

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Beautiful motor mount @chaka

Please make a caliber truck version of this

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It only cost’s an extra $50 to $70 to upgrade to cast Ronin’s over Caliber’s and they handle so much better.

For a precise fit cast trucks needs to get machined (brand aside).

Not from chaka but I think it applies here:

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Our current design requires some customization on the trucks for a precision fit, and calibers are not thick enough for the new design either. I will show how this all comes together soon. Everything is integral to the pulley running on a custom shaft/hanger. We will be offering the drive without wheels or motors to bring the cost down in a dual or single package.

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