One BEAST to rule them ALL..?

I don’t like to be cocky, I prefer to be confident. So when I challenge you to describe a more powerful configuration, everyone except @Deckoz (and maybe @Duffman or @Nowind ) can f*ck off!

Ps: I mean that in an encouraging way to everyone else. Build around your power plant

550A is what I “should” be capable of, had I bought brand-new 22ah 25c gens tattu batteries, but I bought mine used for .25 the new price! Sketchy to do that with lipo batteries, but I was new back then and threw the dice.

For anyone who wants to know what it feels like to have almost ZERO difference in top speed from flat ground to 20 degrees incline, I can enlighten.

Back to being helpful rather than a dick, for anybody that’s considering LiPO batteries and is concerned about their stability, who cares :sunglasses:?

Also, I ate shit tonight wearing great pads (except for the knee-pads) and I am fine, but a little drunk. Sorry for the shoot-talking, but thanks for listening (reading). See me here:

A theory on hill climbing

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…instant regret for posting this… BUT anyway, 12s foc is tits


Man that looks like it hurts a bit, glad ur ok… so how did u fall?

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Where’s the build part in this topic?

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carving W/O a good center of balance. I had the knee pads on, but they’re shitty amazon JBM knee pads, which slid right down, exposing flesh to concrete. GET good knee Pads, or regret the decision.

@Maxid Good point

cannot praise these enough…they will not slip off


You just missed the two guys (who have posted) with the most powerful and highest speed rides (recorded) on the board!

RIP the late BigBoyToys, some awesome high speed runs on his hub motor boards and the most powerful quad trampa in existence. & MoeStooge with his cromo board, NKP 3 link trucks and in-runners laying down 14hp and a recorded 57mph on the dirt (a dried up lake bed) with throttle still left on the trigger…

and I bet there is a bunch of dudes going fast who are ghost riding it! :rage:

and then there are legit downhillers like michichopf who dont a motor to go fast…

open your mind dude consider things, ideas on their own merits insight, genius can come from obtuse places.

everyone is trying to get from A - C genius is getting there without B


Well you said :

So I am saying improve around your ride, power is hardly everything.

well a lot of power is definitely nice, but more importantly is if you are able to really use it.1 Quad drive and 550a is nice but if you need to slow down on every corner, sweepers or turns then me on a dual will still fly past anyone.

That what you have going on on your knees is hardly a scratch in our discipline :slight_smile: Usually from March to November, none of us is rash free, and I mean serious rash and burns trough the leathers. Pictures are usually flagged as gore on other forums :slight_smile:

And as @Cobber said, speed is in downhill. Anyone can go fast in a straight. Its all about handling your velocity around difficulties.

Welcome to the league where the big boys play in :slight_smile: (meant as friendly banter)

But I would be willing to bet that on a given course (flat with normal inclines), I could beat that quad drive. I am almost willing to go that far that my 12s single could beat it. But sadly a big ocean separates us, so I will shut up since I cannot put up :slight_smile:


550A he just multiplied 22Ah * 25C which is 550A, but it does not mean his motors are getting that much, my pack is 24Ah 65C so around 1,5kA but like hell I am going to run 500A through those wires.

I had similar experiment last Friday then I went for a ride a start on the really steep hill I was bit scared of lifting leg from ground as board would start going backwards a bit of throttle and it went like it was flat surface with the same acceleration as it would be on flat surface power of 2 x 6384 and 5:1 gear driven drive train.

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Probably going to order these… kneepad drift happens all the time for me

Can you elaborate on that ghost riding it ? I got a 4wd carvon evo .

Ghost riding - likely not announcing themselves as speedsters…

Anyway my thoughts are… There is not one to rule them all My Evo is about as close as it comes for me…and yet it’s still not the one. Which is why I have 3 boards in progress.

As good as my Evo is to me:

  • I still can’t ride AT…
  • I can’t easily bring it to work as it’s large and heavy.
  • It’s carvy but it’s not an Icarus or vanguard

Could I put phsyco six-shooters on? Sure but I don’t know if I’d trust them going 40 with the probability of a blowout…(air vs solid thane)

Heavy. Everyone likes a lightweight campus cruiser, the Evo is far from that… Which is why I’m building a potato

Flex, what flex? Sometimes I just want slow and super pumped/carvy ride.

There will never be one to rule them all.

But if your talking sheer power. Yea the Evo could rocket me up steep grades for ages on 13s5p…but power isn’t everything. :slight_smile:


@Deckoz You’re making me want to add a Carvon Evo to my fleet


Good points! I feel less embarrassed about this thread now that it’s taking some direction.

Thanks. :confounded:


You’re undoubtedly right about everything (except mine’s a dual too) and so is cobber! I was being facetious (and kind of a douche) but didn’t mean to offend :sweat_smile:

@Kug3lis holy crap! I love it

That moment, when you realize how big the universe is… amazing, yet humbling.


didn’t mean anything by it as well. thought finally a thread were one can banter a bit without people being butt-hurt immediately :slight_smile:


Yeah, but it’s super heavy and putting on top makes weight point too high so I am splitting it into half for two builds with super fast charging :smiley:

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I’ve still got a set of Scabs Pads from my vert days (long time ago now) and had been thinking of getting a new set of slimline pads instead for my eSK8 (currently in build progress) but after seeing that photo of pad drift, something that plagued me BEFORE buying the Scabs, I’m thinking f*ck it, I’m riding the street in those things until I get the full hang of dual 6374s :joy::joy::joy:

Evil Stig

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