Open Track Day + Race Event | Apple Valley Speedway - May 8th 2021

AV Speedway PEV Track day Mar 27 is Cancelled due to track improvements delayed by weather. PEV track Race Day is rescheduled for May 8th. All apologies :checkered_flag:



I have a half a wheel would I still be able to compete?


Wooaaaaahhhhhhh you’re halfway there… wooooOOOOAAAHH rollin on a praaayyerr!!!


Sportsman A-Main. May8 AVS race

Brought to you by @voltaic_motion And @riptidesports May 8 race. Qualifying Trikke, Scooter, E-Bike

  1. G Beleski 119.09
  2. R Acevedo 123.03
  3. E Wilson 125.55
  4. Ron G 131.81
  5. C Toris 136.42

Heat Race Finishing order P1) G Beleski P2) E. Wilson P3) R Acevedo P4) Ron G P5) C Torres

Main Event Trikke, Scooter, E-Bike P1) G Beleski P2) E Wilson P3) R Acevedo Ron G, C Torres

EUC Qualifying 1 M Pulido 127.55 2 D Marshall 129.53 3. C Gregory 129.64 4 J Garnier. 130.03 5. Z Lee. 130.63 6. G Chiu 131.27 7. Fletcher 131.65 8 Hain (Andy) 140.51

EUC Heat 1 P1) C Gregory P2) M Pulido P3) Z Lee P4) Fletcher

EUC Heat 2 P1) D Marshall P2) J Garnier P3) G Chiu P4) Hain (Andy)

EUC B Main P1) Fletcher P2) Z Lee P3) G Chiu

EUC A Main P1) C Gregory P2) Z Lee P3) Fletcher J Garnier, D Marshall, M Pulido

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Esk8 Qualifying

  1. Brandon T. 120.88
  2. Mario. 122.64
  3. R Smith. 125.78
  4. H Lewis 126.14
  5. D Seiffer 127.24
  6. J Lucier. 128.53
  7. L Guiterez. 128.64
  8. J Fessenden 130.91
  9. A Moaveni. 132.68
  10. Jansen Falvai. 133.46
  11. R Galinato. 135.49
  12. C Cunningham. 136.89
  13. J Chavez. 139.03 14 Dr Mike. 145.36

Pro Open Heat P1) Mario P2) Brandon T P3) R Smith

Sportsman Heat 1 P1) J Lucier P2) C Cunningham P3) J Fessenden P4) H Lewis

Sportsman Heat 2 P1) D Seiffer P2) A Moaveni P3) L Guiterez P4) R Galinato P5) J Chavez

Sportsman B Main P1) J Fessenden P2) J Chavez P3) R Galinato

Sportsman A Main Podium P1) D Seiffer P2) J Lucier P3) J Fessenden A Moaveni, J Chavez, C Cunningham, H Lewis

Pro Open Main P1) Brandon T P2) Mario P3) R Smith


Great work everyone! Looks like a cracker of a day

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