Orangatang Kegel - Pulley

Hi everyone,

I’ve got the Orangatang Kegel wheels and I’m looking to get a pulley that allows me to NOT put bolts through the holes. Any idea where I can get one?

Note that this is NOT what I want: https://esk8content.nyc3.digitaloceanspaces.com/uploads/db2454/original/3X/5/d/5d4d75a45c142ba17c23821342642595f784f65e.jpg

I wanted something that slots into the wheel and is naturally held in place by the belt positioning and the motor mount. I’m fairly sure it’s a product but I can’t find it anywhere online.

Also, to top things off - I want a 15mm belt to fit on it and maybe made out of metal because I’m an 80kg rider and don’t want the teeth to break while going down hill! I’m not the most confident at speed so I’ll be braking regularly.

I’m also from the UK. Looking to get the motor mount, a motor and the pulley system this month and then all the other bits next month.

Thanks, Daniel

I have a 12mm one :persevere:

like this https://www.evolveskateboardsuk.co.uk/collections/bamboo-bustin-street/products/orangatang-kegel-wheel-kit-80mm-80a-orange

whats wrong with bolts, going to have higher tensile strength


Has to be mentioned that you need to modify your trucks for these kind of pulleys.

@electricjim79 That’s the one! I don’t want bolts simply because I don’t think it looks very attractive haha!

@moon in what way?

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fair enough, personally when putting KW of power through a drive train id rather high tensile bolts over ali or plastic pins. i was running the alienware pulley now im running the eskating.eu one both bolt through but are good solid pulleys

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@moon If I went for one with bolts would I still need to modify my trucks? I don’t mind modifying, but would prefer not to because I may end up changing them in the future.

@electricjim79 That’s a very good point. I guess I could get some black bolts which will blend in nicely. Do you know the answer to the question above?

No you dont need to modify the trucks.

ive not had to modify my calibre2 trucks for either of the ones i use

there you go pin and bolt best of both worlds

There is currently a preorder going on for pulleys from @JLabs. They have a integrated bearing and from what he has said it doesnt need to modify the trucks.

I have this . From 31T to 40T . With or without bearing :slight_smile: 20181021_210941 20181021_211056 20181021_211239 20181020_101156


What material is used to 3d print this

From petg :slight_smile: i tested them and no issues It took a lot of time to be perfect

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I decided to get the pulley from Evolve. My last 3D pulley fell apart. Not sure why!

What material it was ?

Nylon carbon fiber. I think the issue may of came down to exposed belts/pulleys and stones got lodged and caused it to rip away.

Nylon is supposed to be alot better for friction