Parting out Build! Lots of parts for sale! US fast shipping!

I’m parting out my build. Selling everything besides the deck, wheels, and trucks. General rule of thumb is click the link to what’s being sold and subtract $10-$30 from their listing price. If you don’t think that’s fair, just DM me, I’m open to all offers. All of these things have been used for less than 30 miles.


Here are pictures of everything that’s for sale:

Focbox Unity ESC - SOLD

Flipsky VX1 Remote - SOLD

Eboosted Enclosures with Battery Indicator - SOLD

Miscellaneous Parts (free just pay shipping) - SOLD

Portable Battery Voltage Reader - SOLD

10S4P Samsung 30Q Battery - SOLD

2A 10S Charger - SOLD

BKB 6354 190kv Motors - SOLD

Torqueboards motor mounts, 36T metal wheel pulley kit, custom 3D pulley covers (2 varieties - one open and one closed), 5M belts, 18T (extra one) and 16T motor pulleys, bullet connector adaptors:


image image image image image


I could see 10-20 for the new stuff but some is used.

The battery was built by @thisguyhere and is very safe. It is heat shrinked. It’s clear heat shrink. The tape is electrical and just holds the wires down.


Ok since it was built by him then I take it back


that was quick, esk8s not for you?

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Bought a boosted stealth instead. Didn’t like the VESC control.

what do you mean?

I don’t like voltage control. I prefer the boosted’s control where full throttle = full speed and acceleration is determined by how fast you move the throttle. If I want to go half speed I just go half throttle on a Boosted, I also just prefer how smooth it is. There were also vibration issues on my board I spent days trying to figure out and couldn’t.

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How much you want for the whole pulleys system and motors? The whole drivetrain.

i feel both of these are things you can fix, but you’re a grown person, do as you please.

i was the opposite. i got a boosted first, thought it was shit - so went diy. maybe boosted boards have come a long way, i had the v2.

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It looks like all you tried to do was make a boosted board anyway. You can change the current control type to a few different options based on FW and just in the Vesc tool if you were really that unhappy with it. Personally if I put half throttle, my board isn’t going full speed it’s going half. It’s a shame you didn’t just ask for help as it looks like a pretty reasonable build.

When you get bored of the boosted and build 12s ask us next time :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yeah I pretty much just wanted a Boosted with more range.

PM’d you back! :slight_smile:

How much for the unity

Pm sent …

I have ridden both VESC based boards and the Boosted board extensively (my V2 has over 4600 km on the odometer) I can totally relate to what you feel. The Boosted control is just on another level really.

It’s similar in some ways to the VESC current control but feels much more refined on the fine details. Sad to see you leave diy but you can’t go wrong really. Have fun bud!

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Unity Sold

Portable battery voltage reader for charging, howmuch ?

Thanks for not hating on me for disliking the DIY control! It’s good, I just preferred the Boosted control and found a used one for a really good deal.

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$10 + shipping seem fair?