Pave-X 2 Wheeler | 2nd Build | 8" Pneumatic | Single SK3 6374 192 kv | VESC | Homemade Deck | 10S Lipos

that’s clearly a masterpiece. impressed !

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Coming along nicely! So it happens that I finished almost every part of mine build yesterday, I will post a thread tonight :smiley: All that’s left for me is to bead blast aluminium parts and get them anodised black.

@bill_f As for the front assembly, I leave my tight, bushings will wear out after time, and consider that roughly 40 kg force will be making whole thing to turn, a little friction won’t be a problem in this case, I think that it also may help at high speeds. Just one more thing, You put those bushings and front linkages opposite than they’re supposed to I think. The shoulder of those bushings should be facing inwards, to create a low friction surface, I left mine protruding 1mm above surface of linkages, I noticed vertigo did the same in his build.

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Thanks for the tips. Yeah, I’m trying to figure out the frictional forces on this assembly. Since I still don’t have the shoulder bolts, can’t get real feedback yet. But what you said makes sense. I didn’t notice the direction of the bushings in Vertigo’s build. I’ll also move them out maybe half a mil, like you suggested. I don’t have a lot of room in there but I can always make more space if needed. Interested in seeing what you have designed and built!

Well, You can just check that out :sunglasses:

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I can comment on how that board (edit: YiiBoard) preforms (mine is being shipped right now, but I got to test drive one back in Dec), You can see by the specs it’s by no means a fast board. For me though it was all about speed, I could tell that the faster I went the more stable it was, but it was also extremely stable at low speed. There is a bit of balancing you have to do, and I found it awkward that the board doesn’t fight when you bank it (no bushings obviously). What I noticed though is that while the board is pretty high (and makes it difficult to get up on before you set off) that height helps it to be stable, at low speed if I wobbled too much during a tight turn, I had enough clearance to keep from bottoming out. This allowed me to stay on the board and apply more throttle to pull myself out of a turn that would have likely stopped me. Much like a motorcycle or dirtbike, the act of adding power helps to self right the vehicle and keep from falling over. The guy who had been ridding it for several months said I was quicker than anyone to pick it up. He thinks it maybe due to my background in skateboarding / natural balance, I think it’s because I was afraid to be aggressive on the throttle.

I think it has a lot to do though with the fact that the wheel is behind the caster, (unlike on a bike where the “caster” is more behind the wheel) that when you add more speed it wants to pull the wheel straight. So with this really cool design I don’t know if your “caster” would work the same way, or if it would work more like a bike / scooter.


How is Your build going? Any updates? :sunglasses:

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Hi. Had to wait for some shoulder bolts to arrive from China. Made some progress on the steering mechanism. Drilling and tapping holes is going pretty slow. Haven’t been able to get the shoulder blocks totally perpendicular so needed to do some modifying of bolts so that there is smooth travel. Need to create holes for shoulder bolts on front struts next, which should be interesting since they are at 15 degrees. Probably will create some kind of jig out of MDF to hold things perpendicular although haven’t had much luck with the jig I made for the CNC for the other parts (the small blocks that connect to the front axle).

How’s the riding coming along? Is it getting easier? Any modifications? After watching your video, I’m a little afraid to get on this thing. :cold_sweat:


Nope, no modifications yet, I kinda manage to ride it straight and do slight carving just for now. You can see in my thread I picked up parts from anodizing and put all of this together.

Starting to ride on this thing is the hardest part, from there it should get easier and easier as You gain speed, my advice, don’t be afraid to go fast :wink: and obviously wear full protection.

Vacuum Forming

(Getting close to riding this thing. Just need to do some soldering to connect VESC and pwr, and final adjustments.)

Going with my second design for battery enclosure. First one looked too much like a granny toaster.

The toaster with plastic (that I had to cut in order to get off mold)

Rendering below shows what I was going for. 3d printed a hoop that connects to board. Enclosure sits on top of it, holding it in place. Still not sure how to secure it. Maybe magnets. Maybe a vertical bolt. Don't want any rattle, and with heavy batts, needs to be pretty secure.
Had to make mold first. Here you see the mold with the roughing passes done. Learned after making the toaster that I needed more draft angle so that plastic could be easily removed from mold. This one worked well.
After finishing passes and light sanding.
One of the biggest challenges seems to be how to cut the part from the excess plastic. I decided to use the CNC to cut it off. Worked OK. Should have offset the cut a mil or two beyond the original shape. Came out nice and even on bottom though (planar), which is the main thing I wanted.

Final part showing 3d printed hoop skirt which will be attached to deck. Fit is good. Pyramidal shape means enclosure gets tighter as it's pushed down. Used 4 mm ABS for enclosure. Feels nice and solid.
Final position on deck

This is the sickest thing iv seen all year:+1:

Glad to see You make progress in this build! I was really curious how it was going. Can’t wait to hear what You have to say about riding it :smiley:

Did you use normal vacuum cleaner to form enclosures? I must say You nailed it :clap:

Slowly coming along. If I get my butt in gear I might have it ridable in a couple days although I see rain in the forecast. I used a formech vacuum former (300 XQ). Took a few tries to get the plastic at the right temp, but after that, it’s pretty easy. I like the final product compared to 3d printing but it’s time consuming making the mold. Thinking of putting the same batt case on my other ride (which has been taking a lot of my time as I try to figure out the weak motor issue). I see you’ve been having ESC issues with your 4-wheeler as well.

discovered this thread just now - its amazing! i envy 3D modeler with cnc access - you bring diy to a whole different level! i need to get into that someday!!

also love your sense for aesthetics - beautiful details, nice pictures :heart_eyes:

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Seen this thread the first time… woooooow Super nice build with great details awesome skillz mate, keep on building :+1:

Thanks man. Yeah, the CNC is a pretty useful thing to have around. Adds a new dimension to vacuum forming. Love what you’re doing with your custom enclosures. Makes the final build look really polished and pro.

Thanks for the comment. Been studying your work for a while. Very inspiring… as you can tell from all the copies of your design ideas out there.

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Finally got things together and was able to test this thing out. It’s an interesting ride, for sure. Not as precise as a four-wheeler (or bike, for that matter) but fun nonetheless. It’s “fun” as in, “this is challenging” kind of way–but not impossible or frustrating. Kind of like when you started to learn to ride a two wheeler. It got a little easier as time went by. Did not go too fast but not too slow either. Did not have my full road rash gear. As @squad mentioned, it does get more stable at speed although it’s not too bad at slow speeds either, imo. Started out holding onto something then pushing off. Later was able to push off and get going unassisted. Was able to make gentle turns, the kind of stuff you would have to do to stay on city roads while avoiding pedestrians. Once I get padded up, will make this thing go faster.

Some photos. Still have a few things to do like add grip tape, CB Radio, etc.

First, some glamour shots. Ignore the bird crap and misplaced electrical tape.


Four wheeler donated two wheels. More wheels and drive gear on order.

Under the hood. Plenty of space for VESC and receiver.

Covered up with ABS enclosure. Need to make channel in deck a little wider to accommodate both wires from batts. although it fits.

Battery compartment for 2 5000 mah lipos.
The whole mess. Will be milling something from Alu. for the top that accepts a Ny-Loc nut. This set-up stayed on well with regular nut and hand tightening. Want to add an off/on switch on top or side of this case. A voltmeter here could be nice too.

Ride vidz coming soon. Thanks for your interest. Would be great if more people got into this 2 wheel thing and played with different configs. I think this has some potential.


The new hubs and tires arrived a couple days ago. Figured I should take some pics before they get all scuffed up. Having fun riding this thing.


Dude I love your board!

How heavy is it by the way?

I assume this thing should be way less heavy than 4wheeled / 3 wheeled boards :slight_smile: + doesnt have a handle bar like scooters has… 5kg?

Maybe it also needs some springs… or bushings for the steering… :smiley:

Have you learnt to control it better now?