Pedelec control with VESC

In Germany as part of EU we have a special pedelec classification which allows vehicles without insurance and license plate if they have:

  • Not more than 250 W electric power
  • No engine support above 25 km/h (15 mph)
  • Motor works only with pedals turning (no thumb gas)

Now I am building an addon for bicycles with the VESC and it would be elegant if no other controller was needed. Th first two of the conditions can be realized with VESC settings - max. power and speed (via erpm). In this thread I also learned how to control the speed with a hall sensor and a lever (for the bicycle instead of a gas pedal).

Now is there a way of measuring also the pedal turning with VESC? Technically this is typically done with hall sensor and magnets on the chain wheel. How could I use this signal to stop the motor (from assisting) when the pedals stop?

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