PLANK - A concept wood deck with built-in enclosure

I have been swirling this idea around in my head for an all wood deck that has a similar built in enclosure like the carbon fiber decks. In order for the board to be sleek I need a opening through the entire deck, but this of course would reduce the strength when weight is applied.

In order to compensate, an aluminum or carbon fiber stabilizer would be put on the bottom of the board around the opening. The top portion could be made from bamboo for extra strength. The extended enclosure is a separate section that is bolted on after the support and extends to the edges of the board for a sleek and seamless profile.

Here are some of my concept models:

Exploded Top Deck

Exploded Top Deck Close Up

Exploded Bottom Deck

Profile with Enclosure




Back w/ Wire & Button Holes

Front Profile


I like the shape of the deck, what deck did you use as pattern?

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Why not cnc that shape instead of doing the two part thing? You could mill the whole deck with the chamber and then put a cover on top of it. Has been done a few times before i think. Same concept as a raptor 1 deck.

Then it´s really important for comfort to put a concave in decks. Totally flat boards are really hard to ride.

Why not cnc that shape instead of doing the two part thing?

I couldn’t think of a good way to get the bottom metal support in between the enclosure and the board.

Then it´s really important for comfort to put a concave in decks

Good Point, ill make some modifications to the model.

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I love the idea! Had similar thoughts myself…

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Tip: Put the access panel on the bottom of the board and not on the top.

When it’s on the top, it’s extremely difficult to waterproof and even a tiny amount of damp sand will get water straight onto the ESC circuit board.

I thought about putting it on the bottom, but I really want an awesome paint job without any seams. Maybe a rubber gasket would work?

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Is this something you plan to sell? if so, just make sure you make it big enough to fit a 10s4p or even 12s4p pack along with the other electronics. My biggest issue is size restriction with built in enclosures.

No I don’t plan on selling this. I may make one for myself in the future, but this is just me making stuff I think is cool. I did make the compartment big enough for a 12s plus electronics, slim 12s of course :slight_smile:

That’s exactly why I suggest putting it on the bottom. Because a rubber gasket will work fine. 99.99% of the time. Then when water seeps through it your board gets fried. If the access panel is on the bottom, any water that might seep through has to go uphill and naturally will then try to escape the enclosure. Instead of try to tunnel deeper until it finds ESC board.

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If it’s a success, I’m willing to bet you can make some money from a few people here :smirk:raises hands.


Seconds That Opinion :point_up:


Makes sense, ill see if I can find a backup to the rubber gasket, otherwise it will go to the bottom.

I would just release the CAD models and let everyone make them for themselves or someone could make many and sell them. If I have to time to make it, we will see if the design works.

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Don’t get a flat deck without flex people. It’s boring and vibrations will kill your feet after a short ride.

For reference I built a similar board with enclosure:


This is not hypothetical. This is coming from someone who had an esc fry, because the access panel was on top of the board with a rubber seal. I walked the board across a hazard, and when I got back on I had a little wet sand on my shoes. Not dripping wet and not a bunch. But it seeped through the gasket right onto the esc. Lights out. It’s better to design it in a way where if the seal was breached, water is naturally trying to escape with the help of gravity. So all access panels on the bottom and rear

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you need a concave on that

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How many cells will that hold with 2 vescs? What about 107mm wheels?